15 December 2009

Restaurant City Menu Comes to Live in Taipei L'idiot Restaurant

If you been playing a Facebook game by the name of RESTAURANT CITY by Playfish then the image below will definitely bring back some fond memories of the game!

This real life restaurant in Taipei by the name of L'Idiot (little idiot?) are innovative enough to use the famous facebook game "RESTAURANT CITY" menu to boost its sales! Its about time someone do that! I always wonders what would the food taste like if it would be real ... and now thanks to L'idiot you can actually taste it in real life! LOL!

Comparison between the virtual Restaurant city Prawn Platter and the real L'idiot prawn platter.

Kiwi Sorbet, ide by side the comparison of the virtual Restaurant City kiwi sorbet and the real L'idiot Kiwi sorbet.

I think the L'idiot pumpkin soup looks ALOT more appetizing compared to the virtual one!

Same here on the choco Ice cream ... looks like the real food is definite more appealing than the virtual one.

Real Strawberry Cake won hands down! I think Restaurant city graphic designer should buck up a lil? Or maybe they should seek the advice of L'idiot chef for their next food visual?

Are you drooling yet? So If you happened to be in Taiwan and you also a fan of Restaurant City ... i derno bout u ... but i'll definitely wanna experience this myself!

(click on above image for a larger version)

click here to goto L'idiot Restaurant Website or click here to goto L'idiot's facebook fanpage

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credit to my Sifu Dr.liew for the news.


  1. Like that the food price follow Restaurant City? Only 2 dollars?

  2. haha... dam funny lah..

  3. 一個人思慮太多,就會失去做人的樂趣..................................................


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