24 December 2009

Habe yourself a Mehlee Lil Xmas!!

Dear Ahbengs ...

Dun say tailow never teech lu .... tonite if u wanna get laid ... faster goan buy this CD/Vcd/DVD n put in your car when u go pickup your date ... gerenti lum her dip dip wan and u will score!!!

No Ahlians can tahan this song wan ok!!! This song is very too powderful for Ahlians to tahan!! Once hear oni they will get wet one! LOL!!!

What song is this?! click n watch la! ask so much for what? Tell u also u derno one ler! u can read meh?! lol!

P.s. Ahlians ... if u dun wanna "jung jiu" pls bring ipod go out n listen to yor own song with headphone ok? LOL!

Mehlee Xmas everibadi!!! pls use belon can?! This world got enuff tragedy ledi!!!

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