10 December 2009

The Dilema of being a Wedding Photographer

I been asked couple of time to take photos of wedding and most of the time i would turn it down nicely and would recommend another photographer to the bride or groom to be.

I dont think I m passionate about capturing wedding moments, to me every wedding album are almost identical, the journey to the bride's home, the tea ceremony, the wedding dinner and its very very difficult to get any really nice creative shots with all those guest around mocking the bridge and groom also.

If you are interested to be a wedding photographer then you may wanna watch the below short video, this is as close as it gets to the real thing lol!

Just the other day when I was having teh tarik with afew other photographers I learnt that wedding photography is nothing easy at all. Most of the couple will be spending a fortune for their wedding and most of the time the photographer's fee will be the first thing they wanna slash down lol! I dont blame them ... if i m speding a fortune for my wedding I'll prolly do the same too!


  1. spends fortube for the wedding photo and after wedding . . . .they kept in hells know where . .underneath the bed, in a closet 2 million cm away

  2. is ok for being a back up there in d wedding~ i would jus shot shot n play with it. hopefully mindful n didn't obstruct d main photographer at work. ... but also hopefully my photos may give them some pressure kakaka~


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