3 December 2009

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant - Balakong

Around a month ago I received an invitation to makan from my brader Dale, and like any good brader I am ... I is very the willingly go makan with him wan lol! He bring me to this place call Ken Well Seafood Restaurant in Balakong.

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant

Met anoder basket ... Ben there holding a newspaper cutting about the restaurant.

Food start kambing not long after we arrive .. the first dish is ...

Hung Siu Kau Yoke / Braised roasted pork - RM23.00

I realllyyy like the sauce!!

2nd dish is ‘Gu Fart Song Yu Tao’ / Ancient Style Steam fish head - RM3.00/100g

3rd Dish - ‘Shang Bou Gam Fong’ / Claypot Steam Fish selling at RM 3.00/100g oso

4th dish is ‘Guo Zai Hoi Xin Dao Fu’ / Seafood Beancurd for RM 15.00 oni

5th Dish is - ‘Guo Zai Hui Woh Yok’ / Overnite stir fried pork for RM 15.00 oni

6th dish is ‘Xi Yao Gok Ha’ / Soya sauce stir fried prawn for RM 20.00

7th dish is ‘Sei Bou Dao Fu’ / Four treasure braised tofu for RM 12.00 oni

8th dish is ‘Gam Ji Yok Yip’ / Golden branch, jade leaves a.k.a deep fried kailan leaves for RM 15 .00 oni

9th dish is ‘Wong She Gap’ / Gum heong crab (RM 28/kg)

Nice dishes, fast service and friendly boss! Do try it out yourself if you are around the neighbourhood!

More infos & Maps below :

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant
B-G-7, Jln Kasturi 6, Tmn. Kasturi, Batu 11,
43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Boss : Mr. Harry Cheong
Tel : 019-2180331

Map :

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  1. aiyah.....
    way you So...... camera shy wan?

  2. wahrao. the pork maciam niceee

  3. That's really delicious food pictures and I can't wait to try it when I have a chance to visit there. Thanks for sharing.


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