15 December 2009

Truth or Fiction? MAHAI clinic

Got chainise writing one sommo! If this fler is a chainise lokter why the hell he/she derno that MAHAI is not a good name for a clinic??

Anyway more example of name u should not use when u open clinic :

Jolene Lai Pei Shan (a dental student said this ) : better than my classmates who plan to share a clinic with their surnames: Pergigian Khoo, Khoo, Cheow.

Steven Yip : should open one called Super White Dental Surgery (in mandarin super white = Chow Chee Bye) .... lolx!!!


  1. Eh this one in Bangsar one right?

  2. sounds fake but true ...

    last time i did saw one card member holder name - Chee Bai, Chew (a male)


  3. kakakakakaka.....

  4. superbly funny!


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