27 February 2008

Tenkiu My Brader Nuffnangs

In our country got one very the meaningful mia kompeni .... this kompeni were born to help the Malaysian and Singaporeans bloggers earn money and I am very the fwen with the BOSS wan.

We both started as our blog reader, we both is each ader mia fansee (I read his blog n he reads mine la!) and then we slowly bekam good fwens!

And Today is his kompeni mia 1st anniversary!!!! ... as good fwens I suppose to send fawers or hampers to congratulates them ... but I dem pokai ledi so I do a post to congratulate them instead!

To my Brader Tim,

I wish your Company,




(Mehnee Mehnee Marney)


(jiak beh liao)






(Lumber Wan!)





p.s. : eh .... boss stewie ... now can i bollow your car to go kaului this weekend?

26 February 2008

Hamsap Cartoon? .... Dont Judge so Fast!

WARNING : Might be NSFW ... but again ... it might be SFW also ... depending on who you boss is la! LOL! Dont judge so fast can?!!! If you boss wanna fire you .... you ask that basket to finish reading/watching the post first only decide ok? Others proceed under your own risk la!

This post mia format abit different from the others .... so u kena follow instructions ok?

First you kena look at the piktures below .... altogether-gether got 8 piktures for you to look at .... but befoh you proceed ... all hands on deck ok?

Dun let your hands wander below the desk ... if not you will regret later! Dun say i tarak warn lu!

Pikture no.1 Isnt it obvious enuff?

Pikture no.2 : Hamsap Ahpeks will drool over this wan!!!

Pikture no.3 : need I say more anot?

Pikture no.4 : This position i like ah!!!

Piktures no. 5 : wuah!!! Election ah!!!

Piktures no.6 : Fuiyoh!!! Mana boleh tahan??!!!

Pikture no.7 : Wuahhh!!! so fleshy!!!! I like!!!

Now ... after you see all the piktures ledi ... what do you think the artist is trying to draw?

Dun bruff ok??! You think ledi then u tell me in the komen whether whats in your mind and what the fler is drawing same anot ok? I wanna see how creative you guys are when you otak is yellow ledi! LOL!

Now scroll down for the answers you been seeking .....


The Answer is in the video .... watch and be amazed!

The truth is ... you never thot it could be like this do you? LOL!

25 February 2008

Your Wish is My Command ....

Erection day is getting nearer and nearer .... pretty soon our streets will be over stuffed with those erection banners.

Its time lidis you get to see who did you erected on your last erection bcoz after erection these representative will go into hibernation wan! No briff me? This year you notice yourself la!

Of coz this is the time where you can see/hear lotsa plomises flying here and there ... and some of the plomises are forgotten till the voters kena bikin big big banner (bigger than those erection mia banner) to remind them of their previous plomise such as ....

(click on the above image for a larger version)
Jalan Tak Buka Singkir Calon BN

I saw this banner on my way to work in Sungai Long, at the entrance of Taman Mahkota Cheras, you see ... once upon a time these peeple bought their house bcoz the developer showed to them that there is a new road (which bypassed the saga toll plaza) linking Tmn Mahkota Cheras to the outside world but bcoz of some "undisclosable issue" that road remained closed and barricade with pillons and a guard standing by guarding the road.

With that "promised" road closed ... residents of Tmn Mahkota Cheras have no choice but to use the only road linking to the outside world. If someone bomb this road .... those who staying in Tmn Mahkota Cheras will be either stranded or kenot go home. Getting out of Tmn Mahkota Cheras during peak hours would sometimes takes more than 30 minutes .... 30 minutes wasted on what suppose to take only less than 2 minutes journey .... so whose fault izzit?

To those whois contesting in this year erection .... pulez lemember your plomises wokeh? We not Stupid wan! We can lemember what you plomised wan! we rekod your speech and put into youtube so you kenot tell us "it looks like me ... sound like me ... but i dunno for sure if its me anot!"

Correct anot peeple? Korek, korek, korek!

22 February 2008

Piktures of Weddings that never made it to the photo albums

Contrary to popular belifs ... not all wedding is happy n merry wan ... and not all wedding piktures can put in the photo album wan ...... here is some piktures to prove it!

Ayam so happy!!!

Erm ... I think this one safe for work la!

I know you are the bride .. but i m the groom tonite ok? Gimme that bottle! its my turn!

Awww ...hes so cute .... he fallen alseep!!!

Ops!!! Wrong ass!!!

No no!!! not in front of my wife!! I m getting married today ... remembered??!!

Its time to claim that expensive insurance I bought for her .....

Oh Man! You are the one I just married? OMFG!!!


Note to self : " My wife not lesbo ... shes a bi!"

I m not lying! Those are my legs!

Now who say wedding is not fun wan? Its only fun if you are not the bride nor groom la! KAKAKAKA!!!

20 February 2008

Wheather Broadcaster From around the World

WARNING : This joke might offend those religious ppl ... so if you are sensitive towards religious kinda jokes pls do not proceed. Others proceed under own risk ok?

Lemme tell you something .... most of the Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us dun like to watch the news on tv wan .... bcoz all is bad news ... tarak good news mia!

I think TV stesen adknowledge this fact ledi ... so what they do is ... they take those lengluis to read news so Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us will start watching news la! Very soon all the TV stesen around the world also know the fact that .... if you use charbohs to read news the viewers will increase .... then not only the use charbohs to read news ... wheather broadcast also they using charbohs now! New trend also! If they dont use charbos then Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us will change channel during wheather broadcast wan!

So now i share with you the face of those pweety charbos wheather broadcaster around the world ....

This muimui is from Yapunnnn!!! totemo kawaii desuneh!!! I like! I like!

This angmoh is from Lontun wan .... I like also!

This angmoh is from Amadika ... why amadika very hot meh? why she wear so much clothes wan geh?

This one is from Yindia .... mouth dem big yo!

This one latest one trying to follow the trend is from AFGHANISTAN !!!
Too bad it dont work that way la!!! LMAO!!!

19 February 2008

Diamond is not the best ring for proposal ok??!!

Those who thinks diamond if the best ring to use if you wanna propose then u dem outdate ledi la! In Amadika now ... if you use diamond ring to propose the girl fark u no free! U kena follow trend wan! Now the trend is to use the mader of all ring!!! The King of the Ring!!!

Behold! The DAR-Ring!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Watch this video is you wanna know what ring izzit la!

How? This ring power anot? Wanna buy anot? Want buy kam kontek me la! I cheap cheap gibe lu! Recycle one also got! Wat u waiting??? Fai-tit la!

18 February 2008

Ahbeng Light Bulb Joke

Wah lan eh .... why today so sleepy wann??!!!! ARGHHH!!! Such a gloomy Monday!!

You guys got heard light bulb jokes befoh anot? Basically the format for light bulb jokes is lidis wan ....

first u kena ask a question like "How many xxx does it takes to replace a light bulb?" then followed by the answer ... the answer suppose to be funny one la!

Then just now while driving suddenly got "lingam" to do an Ahbeng light bulb joke ... it goes lidis one ...

Question : How many macho man does it takes to change a light bulb?
Answer : None!
Question : Why?
Answer : Macho man no sked dark wan!

Question : How many Hindraf member does it takes to change a light bulb?
Answer : None!
Question : Why?
Answer : They all too busy planning for anoder demostration la!

Question : How many JKR staffs does it takes to change a light bulb?
Answer : 100!
Question : WHAT THE .... ??!!
Answer : Yar ... it has been that way since the 1st election! ... 1 fler change light bulb ... 99 others stand and watch.

Question : How many lingam does it takes to change a light bulb?
Answer : None!
Question : Why?
Answer : Its looks like a light bulb ... it taste like a light bulb but i kena ask some expert to examine it to see if its a real light bulb anot!

Question : How Many ahbengs deos it takes to change a light bulb?
Answer : 10 (ten) Ahbengs!
Question : Ah? Why so many??!!
Answer : One to climb the ladder and hold the bulb and 9 others to rotate the ladders la!

Ok ... i m half awake after using my blen power! Back to werk!!!

16 February 2008

Hey! you heard of Rojaks blog???

I lafu going to Bai-nin! ... you go Bai-nin and u gets to eat free, drink free if not habis eat can tahpau also! On top of that can get extra pocket money also sommo!!! Mana mau cari??!! I lafu Chainis Nu Yar la!


During the makan free session from far I can see my wife toking to daniel (one of our teens relatip) then half way toking she call me loud loud ask me kam.


When I arrive she told me this :

Wife : Oioi! you got one more fansee here!
Me : What?
Wife : This fler been telling me there is this blog very funny wan ... its call Rojaks Daily wor!
Me : HAHAHA! you got tell him who is the author of Rojaks Daily anot?
Daniel : You mean you are the author of Rojaks Daily?
Me : U ask my wife and see la .. haha
Daniel : No wonder I like got see Little Devil pikture there befoh lah!! I thot look alike oni ... mana tau its really Little Devil ...

Now I know my relatip also got read Rojaks Daily mia .... there is one more Ahbeng in the family ledi! LOL!

15 February 2008

What All those Baskets wants on V-day ... did you get yours?

Watch this videos and you will know what a guys really want from you when they buy you fawers on V-day!

No bruff you wan! you dunch briff you goan ask Linpeh and Cocka la! That two old fart been sending fawers like there is no tomolo lidat! LOL!

14 February 2008

What is Lafu? A Rojaks V-day Post

To my Dear Bini ....

I thank you for all your sacrifices for me and our family all these years, I understand that we both have our own flaws but if i were given the chances to choose again in my next life .... I will still choose to be with you.

I Lafu You Loupor!

P.S. : *Soli forgot to buy fawers gibe u!*


Why celebrate V-day? Maybe ... perhaps .... bcoz of lafu? Then .... What is Lafu?

Maybe Lafu is like Edison Chen ..... (pikture below)

Edison Chen " Lafu is like .... Bau-yue with Fatt Choy! *Slurpsss*"

Or maybe lafu is like what Bobo said it is ...... (pikture below)

Bobo "Lafu is like odd shaped half chinese half engrish sausage *Slurpssss*"

Buden is that the truth?

What if i tell you that Lafu is all about sacrifices? You know why so many peeple divorce or breakup? Its bcoz they are farking selfish! They dun wanna sacrifice thats why la!

Its very very easy to say I lafu you ... but are they ready to make all the sacrifices of loving someone?

But on the other hand .... in this era, lafu is all about farking! To the younger generation Lafu=Sex .... if boh ngam mai breakup la! then find another victim and fark again .... Chinese peeple say this one call "Run Fire, In Evil" ledi .... how many of you really know what it takes to lafu someone ar?

So ... this year befoh you gonna tell that person you lafu her/him .... ask yourself .... are you really ready for all the sacrifices that comes with the lafu? If not you better stay at home n tfk la! Dun bruff peeple can?!

13 February 2008

Colors of Pangkor Island

Was toking to Ladyboss yesday about Valentine day and what kinda flowers i should send to my wife ... she asked me to fast fast pay and get it confirm asap ... at that time i was wondering whats the rush? .... today oni i realised its alredi 13th feb!!! Omg ... u think if book now tomolo can arrive ka?

This post is overdue long long ledi .... I thot I will be dem free till can grow mushroom at home during CNY and boy am I wrong! Time flies when you having fun!

This is some of the photos I took in Pangkor Island

The lonely windmill

Ferry or Cruiseship ?

Boat also got use tayar wan ok?



The boat that we chartered

2-3km long of queue, the amount of people wanting to goto Pangkor Island During CNY

Small jetty for small boats

Nice boat for hire

"bang ... cam mana nih? nak Q sampai biler?"

I think if you Q up .... maybe u kena wait 3-4 hours before you could get on the ferry.

Motorbikes on a ferry

My boat bigger than yours! hahaha! where else you can park your boat in front of your house wan?

Wave to the peopleeesss!!!

Mini Lighthouse?

Another ferry passing by

Busy passage with lotsa fishing boats going up and down

Looking back

Ever wonder how those people who staying in a boat dry their clothes?

I think its quite an adventure to be able to go on a fishing trip with this kinda fishing boat.

From the rear


Jetty, Pangkor Island

Thats the passage to their garage where they park their boat

The amount of people wanting to go back to the mainland lumut

Welokam to Pangkor Island!

The first Road sign you see when you get off the boat

The first vehicle you lay your eyes on once you got off the boat

The Only things you get to see in Pangkor .... dried sea food!!!

The first ATM machine I saw

Pangkor Island Ming Lian Hotel ... got AIRCOND WAN!

This hotel abit spesel ... most ppl to hotel they chui fu (take off their pants) one ... this hotel pulak its name is Chuan Fu (in mandarin it means wear pants)

Snacks made of processed dried seafood

Mussels, squids etc...


Mini squids

Telecommunication tower in the middle of the "city"

Oyster fry eggs

White Lice

Steamed Sea Bass

Dats concluded my one day trip to Pangkor island, its a good place to buy seafood if you ask me :)