27 February 2005

Holland Excursion 2004

Damrak Street Netherland (Holland)

Central Station Netherland

One of many bridges of Netherland

Canal Cruise Netherland

Tulip Garden - Koukenhof Netherland

Tulip Garden Koukenhof Netherland

Sex Museum - Netherland Red Light District

Huge Dick Head - Sex Museum Netherland

23 February 2005

Shanghai at night Posted by Hello

22 February 2005

Pretty Woman

Goddess Dabren Posted by Hello

Goddess Dabren ..... Posted by Hello

Chester the world greatest Canine

Chester the world greatest Canine! Hes my Eldest son :) Posted by Hello

21 February 2005

Cingku Juen Kah's Place

Dinner and Gathering of the God of Gambler's comittee members at Cingku Juen Kah's place

From left : Pheobe the chick, Dave (standing), Cingku (Standing-shinny head), Tutz, Sunny Bm, and Jacko Posted by Hello


Lonely tree ... Posted by Hello

new highway to kuantan, nice road nice views worth every cent of it! Posted by Hello

Sand, sky, trees.... Posted by Hello

Notice as the sunray shoot right through the coconut tree's leaves creating a warm atmosphere around it .... Posted by Hello

Wooden Sampan underneath a tree .... Posted by Hello

preservation of tranquility ..... time stood still for a moment ... Posted by Hello

Shy Sunshine in dense forest .... Posted by Hello

Straight road ... the way to Rompin... Posted by Hello

Covered Highway .... just like the one in Italy .... Posted by Hello

One of the few flowers being planted in the Lanjut Golden Resort Posted by Hello

Rough Waves.... Posted by Hello

my kite .... i bought this one from Kuantan last year .... boh liau .... stupid wind...Posted by Hello

Retired ..... Posted by Hello

Baywatch ... Malaysia style Posted by Hello

20 February 2005

Waiting .....

It looks like a family is waiting for the return of someone close to them to return from the sea. Posted by Hello

Scuba Diving

Preparing our equipment getting ready for the dive in Tioman

Coming back rom a satisfactory day of diving