4 February 2005

I am Mr.CHARLES MEI Part ii

Continuation from above ...

With my position now in the office, l cantransfer the money to any foreigner's reliable accountwhich you can provide with assurance that this money willbe intact pending my physical arrival in your country forsharing.
I will destroy all documents of transactionimmeditely we receive this money leaving no trace to anyplace. And will also use my position and influence to effect legalapprovals and onward transfer of the money to your accountwith appropriate clearance forms of ministries and foreignexchange departments.I have resolved to compensate you byoffering a brokerage commission of 35% net pre-transferexpenses you may incur, 5% set aside for general expenses60% will be for me and l guarantee you that all expensesduring the transfer are subject to refund.

Most importantly, l must emphasize that this businessrequires the utmost confidentiality and trustworthiness. Weneed to make an agreement that will bind us together andthe same will protect our individual interest in th nearfuture. I will apply for an annual leave to get Visa for atrip to your country once l confirm your readiness for thisoperation. In recognition to your personal executive power andinvestment opportunities that is bound in your country, doknow that l have in mind to establish a genuine businessrelationship with you in the nearest future, if you will beable to help me.

In order to expedite action, let mereceive your approval or reply through the above phone andfax number.Please accept my compliments, as l await your kindresponse. CHARLES MEI. (MR)

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