2 February 2005

L'eau minérale - Mineral Water Lah!

About 2 weeks ago, I was with this qweilo relative of mine who came from Lunton (London la!) to spend the upcoming CNY with us for the first time. It was my turn to take them out for a weekend shopping trip and I decided to take em to MVMM. (Mid Valley Mega Mall)

One of the Road Many Confusing Road Signs Around MVMM

We spent like close to 3 hours walking around MVMM following those "AhSo(s)" on their never ending endurance rally of shopping spree. (Knot blame them also, they come here with their £ of coz everything is dirt cheap here. RM7 to £1 WOR!!!) Then this qweilo relative of mine, Uncle John tell me that hes as thirsty as a camel without a hump. Talking bout hump(s) i got another story to relates but lets get to that part later. So 3 of us (guys) decides to lepak at any nearby restaurant while my Aunties continue their rally without us. Lucky for us, caused i heard em talking bout heading to the knickers and knockers department! Phew~ Close call.

My aunties racing against time in the "Grab all you can Shopping Spree Rally"

To ensures my aunties will be able to locate us after their endless hunt for merchandise ended, we decide to go some place that's easy to remember. We ended up in DOME (DO-ME for those single ladies in there LOL!) We ordered our drinks, I had Jasmine Tea, Uncle John had Ingris Tea and Uncle Vick, err ... I forgot dunno what Tea ledi. On the table there is a bottle of DOME mineral water. Anyway, our conversation started with something like this :

John : This is mineral water ?

Me : Yea, its their house brand prolly imported from UK too.

Vick : nah it says here Made in Malaysia

Made In Malaysia

Me : Ah ok, prolly cost cutting gimmick ya know. (me in my fake yinglish accent)

Me (again) : Talking about mineral water, I was in this marketing seminar the other day and we were going thru a few other marketing strategies, one of them were "Evian" the french mineral water and how succesful they are. The marketing Guru were going on and on bout how they hit it big, how natural their water source is, their quality control and thier marketing strategies, you know stuffs like that. When hes done it is time for the questions from the floor. I raised my hand and someone passed me the mic. I asked him this "Mr. Alan, there is something thats bothering me since you begin your talk on "Evian". What bothers me is "why does something as natural as a french spring water source has an Expiry Date on it ?" He paused for a while and proceed with this answer "the minerals in the water could be gone and the quality would not be as good as it should be." Even tho i m not really satsified with the answer I did not proceed further. Funny isnt it ? Expiry date on mineral water ? What on earth you wanna put an expiry date on a bottle of water ? whats the purpose anyway ?

John : Its just goverment regulation and such. I bet its still drinkable after the expiry date.

Vick : Yea they just want you to throw it away if its expired so you will have to buy a new bottle. HA! Marketing junkies!

Expiry Date on this bottle of Mineral Water

Vick : I read a few months ago in a Malaysian Newspaper, The goverment are imposing some kinda Price standard on all drinking water isnt that so ?

Me : Yea, i think its like RM0.55 for a small bottle and RM 0.80 for a 1500ml bottle, they claimed our bottled water are too dear and something need to be done to control the prices. However this is only applicable to locally bottled water, those imported one are still at a ridiculous price.

John : RM 0.50 my foot! it says here on the bottle RM 3.45++ What a rip off!

RM3.45++ for a bottle of 500ml mineral water ??? and its not even FRENCH!!! Can get 2 Milo Ais Kao in Mamak Stall! Can even force the mamak to make your Milo Ais Kao with RO water also!

Me : Uncle John What do you expect ? if u convert that back into £ you will get 50p also right ? HAHAHA!

Moral of this story : Peoples who go DOME to drink/buy Mineral Water are a bunch of Wankers! there! i said it! LOL kidding kidding ... DOME management, if you are reading this pulez dont sue me !!!

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  1. Anonymous2:04 am

    i know these rojak is basi oledi but i still want to comment it...
    i want to let you know that they sold that imported mineral water same price as thier company sold back in their country
    e.g. brand 'ABC' from US sold there $1.00 us dollar sold at here RM 3.80... they say follow the standard... (standard..konon) at US.. can you belive it?


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