13 February 2010

Let your TIGER COME!!!!

No CNY mood yet? Too tired kenot pump up the spirit? IGOT THE ANSWER FOR YOU!!!! LISTEN TO THIS NEW AGE CNY SONG!!! DEM POWER ONE!!! This is THE CNY SONG FOR 2010!!! Listen 100 times also wont bored wannn!!!! RAWRRRR!!!!


11 February 2010


To u and u n u n u n u n u n u n u n everybody else!!!!! I wish lu all

Ahbeng's CNY drink - C2 the Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea

I know we Ahbengs tend to like last minit shopping wan! I bet you all baskets not even buy your drinks yet rite anot?!

Last year this time I also same like u LOL! But this year tenkiu to URC Snack Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd whom picked me to review their new coolest new drink in town! The All New C2 Cool & Clean 100% Natural Green Tea!!!

Its not just any drink ok! This one is 100% natural healthy mia drink with no CO2 inside wan! Its Green Tea ... and its not just any Ahbeng-Ahseng kinda green tea ok?

This one got Catechins wan!! What is Catechins? I know you ahbengs sure derno one la! Lemme expren to you la! Catechins is powderful mia Antioxidants that help fight the effects of stress by reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system!!! So powderful!!! Better than eat medicine la!!!

Got one Ahbeng frend who always mix with Mat Rempit asked me this "Wuah this drink so nice .. can i rekomen to my Mat Rempit fwens ar?" ... OF COZ CAN LA! This C2 Green Tea got HALAL logo wan leh! gerenti lu can drink without *WAS-WAS!* LOL!

C2 come in 3 flavours, Lemon, Apple and Forest fruits ... according to URC they kasi taruk in the flavours becoz some peeple dunch rike the Tea mia bitterness ... so the flavour kasi cover sama itu bitterness and if you not a tea drinker before bcoz of the bitterness issue then u can start drinking tea again!



Forest Fruits

And my favourtie among this 3 flavours is APPLE!!!

The others taste almost as nice too but all along i memang got a thing for apple wan lol!

I got the drinks samples delivered to my home on Tuesday morning and by the time I arrived home, all the cartons are opened and few bottles disappeared from the boxes ledi .... The culprit ... Little Devil la of coz! Before i wanna scold the fler for wollaping my drinks he alredi told me

Lil Devil : Mummy said non carbonated drinks can drink wan! I like Green Tea.
Me : How many bottles you drink ledi?
Lil Devil : 6 bottles ... 2 each color
Me: Nais ar? Which one best ar?
Lil Devil : I like apple!
Me: No! u like lemon ok? Apple is mine!!! u dun touch or i will KEEL YOU!!!
Lil Devil : I TELL MUMMY!!!!
Me: Nooo!!! shhh!!! dun tell dun tell!!! i share my apple with you ok? dun tell mummy!!!
Lil Devil : I give you lemon ok? Apple is mine now lor!
Me: ARGHHHH!!! U where can finish so many?!
Lil Devil : Later we go Melaka Holiday ... i want put all in my bag and slowly drink ... ahpa u dont touch my apple ah!!!
Me: I give you 2 lemon in exchange with 1 apple la ... leng mou? u untung leh!
Lil Devil : 2 Lemon for 1 Apple? ok i want! Then the purple color one is whose drink? mummy wan?
Me: NO! mummy share apple with you ... purple color one is Ahpa one also! Wuahahahaha!!!
Lil Devil : MUMMYYY U SEE AHPA!!!!
Me: -.-"""

If you still havent bought any drinks for CNY yet ... the choice is obviously very easy la! no nid crack your head wan!

What is healthy, got catechins antioxidants, non carbonated, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, easy to carry around, comes in recycle-able pet bottle, HALAL and best of all ... its freaking delicious wan??!!! Its C2 Green Tea la OF COURSE!!! Still need to ask meh!!!! LOL!

Just looking at the pic of the drink itself is enuff to make u drool!!!

U dun briff me nemai! u goto 7-11 ka, mydin ka , jusco ka, Giant ka .... then u buy one bottle n try yourself la! I gerenti you kena addict kaw kaw like me wan!!! lol Mark my word ... I SAY WAN!

1 February 2010

New Year Lunar

Photo Taken with Sigma APO 80-210mm f 2.8 with a 2x Sigma APO teleconverter on Sony Alpha a200.

Focal Length : 420mm
ISO : 100
Shutter speed : 1/100s
f : 16
WB : 3800 kelvins