18 December 2009

Biscuit the Labrador by Pets Photographers

There is something about animals and me, in a good way of coz. I cant seems to live without PETS in my house and all my life i never been without a dog neither. In view of this I managed to gather a few photographers who share my passion for animals and we form a group call Petsphotogs.com (short for Pets Photographers)

The team were setup a few weeks ago and now we all are busy runing around KL like headless chikin during weekends to photographs pets and to fill up our Web portfolios.

Here is one session I did last weekend with a wonderful and fun Labrador. Her name is Biscuit ...
Biscuit is a playful and fun 4 yrs old female Labrador who also loves to swim.


Jumping into the Lake

Looking for her toy

Thats my bottle!


Pets Photography is not as easy as you think it is and it can be difficult at times, but looking back at the photos at the end of the day ... that makes every shutter counts worth the effort.

If you have a pet/pets you would love to have some photos taken, feel free to drop us a message / give us a call ok? We plomise lu we wont bite wan! LOL!

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