15 June 2007

My First Father's Day Gift

I was on my way to fetch my son from dad's house when I got a call from my him ....

Dad : Where are you? Your son wanna sleep ledi.
Me : Pa, let him sleep first la ... I m on my way ledi. If he sleep jor then i carry him into the car later ok?
Dad : He told me hes tired then I asked him to go to bed, he said he dunwan ... he wanna wait for you to fetch him home.
Me : Ok Pa, I will be arriving around 15 minutes lidat.
Dad : Ok i play with him till you arrive la.
Me : Ok.

When I arrived hes peeking from the window as usual, when I got into dad's house he said to me loud loud "Ahpa! Happy Father's Day!" and then he handed me this ....

Handmade Fan made by Little Devil

This is my first Father's Day gift from my son, I am so touched I stood there for a moment totally speechless ..... I realised something at that moment, I realised that my baby is no longer a baby .... he is growing up and he know the meaning of Father's day ledi.

I Heart you Pa!

Its time lidis that make you wish your baby dont grow up so fast ... its time lidis that make you wish that you can spend more time with your kid and its time lidis that you finally realised how blessed you are to be a father.

Trust me, as a father myself I feel so happy to receive a gift from my own kid .... and I believe all father would feel the same if their kid would show them some kinda appreciation and tell them they been a good father, a provider and a good friend (not only on Father's day of coz!).

You dont hafta buy your dad expensive gifts or bring him to posh restaurants for dinner ... just a simple gesture like "I love you dad! You are the best dad in the whole world!" Would do just fine too!

Some of you might be busy with work and meetings and travelings (who dont?) ... but wherever you are, pick up the phone and give your oldman a call, that call alone is worth more than an expensive massage chair being sent to his front door. (of coz if you can buy the massage chair and call at the same time it would be better la! LOL!)

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers in the world!!!


  1. wah... kam doong neh...

    Happy Papa's Day!
    One son oni arrr? No more buns baking in the oven? ;)

  2. Happy Father's Day!

    Didn't know you can be so emotional too, KNN.

  3. fuah!! very touching wor~

    I think the greatest joy of being a father is to see that your child(ren) really loves you from the bottom of their unpolluted heart` :D

  4. awwwwwww so cuteee!!! so sweet!!!!

  5. cry cry cry......

  6. Happy father day !!

    I hate some advertisement , u have to this expensive to show ur love to ur father. If i miskin , how i gonna buy . If i am student, how i gonna buy also.

    U are right, wingz. The most important thing is sincere. Expensive gift means nothing if u are not sincere to ur father. And treat ur father 364 days bad, and treat them good in father day onli

  7. Happy leh. When my son make me a rose during mother's day, I so touched leh. Now, I got to teach my son and daughter to do something for my loh kong liau. *scratch head*

  8. why look so different 1

  9. Awww he's so sweet! Waited for u to be there just to hand the fan to you. Awwww!!

    So are u going to make a fan for ur old man too? Keke!

  10. Happy Father Day wingz...how come the picture he kalered don't look like you one ah?


    yes, the small one grow up fast eh, even my 7 months old son also i think growing up a bit fast.

  11. That is just so heart warming :) Happy Fathers Day wingz.

  12. eh Wingz, then you got tell your dad "i heart you" also or not?


  13. as ur reader, I didnt know you have a son. Paiseh..

    Happy belated father's day to u.


  14. SO SWEET!

    Your blog's cute. hope you dun mind me linking yours. :)

  15. aww..hey wingz..little devil is so sweeett....hehe..

    happy father's day!

  16. angel : Oven rosakED ledi ... kenot bake bun jor! lol

    sk : u shud see me when i m boiling!

    a^ben : yea, what good does it makes if your kids only love one 1 day outta a year rite?

    huei : cute leh! fast fast goan make one la!

    joec : *pass toilet paper to joec* soli tisu paper very expensip!

    monk : Everybody is trying to cash in on whatever events they can get their hands on! Gila luit!!!

    erina : HAPPY la!! u get your kids to make a blow up doll for your hubby la! kakakaka!!!

    lil'd : hahaha where got diff laaa

    rabbit : make fan for old man then ask him jual satay ar? kakakaka!

    frostier : hansem leh!!! lol

    stupe : wuah iron man is here!!! happy father's day to you too stupe! Yea they grow up too fast and we are missing out alot!

    engrish Tcher : tenkiu! you are welokam!

    jenny : oh coz got la! i everidei also got tell wan!

    jace : Belated fader's day? eh ... father's day not yet pass ler .. lol!

    bobo : CUTE? omg ... at my age and my blog is still cute then there is definitely something wrong liow!!! lol! Tenkiu for your link!

    angryoungchild : hahaha u got so sweet towards your oldman anot? u still angry ar? lol

  17. Awwww soooo sweet!
    Happy Father's Day!

    P.S. Did your son draw that himself? You may want to let him take art lessons, I see potential haha

  18. With the color he used to draw the card and the "I heart you" picture, can see your baby is mental & emotional healthy! Good on ya and your parents, continue to nurture him and give him the best you can!

    Yep, happy fathers day! :)

  19. ..so touch.
    i don wish my dad..and usually i just buy him beer LOL
    thts all i know how to do
    happy daddy day!!!!

  20. wah say... lum 9 sei !!.. kakakaka... Happy Daddy Day too !!..

  21. ooops.. soli soli..
    didnt celebrate father's day so i dunno.
    Paiseh paiseh... ~~

  22. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Happy Father's Day to you too!


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