22 May 2007

Making out in TAR Yum Yum Park

I was being told this joke a few days ago by a supplier of mine, it happened during his college days and he studied in TAR Setapak campus.

There is this nice park call "yum yum park" in that campus and lotsa couples go there to paktor. I derno why its called yum yum park or perhaps it does have a meaning by its own but what i do know is when the sun goes down there will be lotsa activities happening at that park itself.

What are they doing there? Aiyah still wanna ask sommo meh? College students making out la! Dew!

Then there is this greenhorn frend of my supplier, lets call him Ahbeng for the sake of this story, He was dating a girl (Ahlian) and one day this girl asked him to go to the yum yum park on that late evening.

Ahbeng dem steady lidat, acting all gentleman before the sun goes down but once the sun dissapeared and when the day turned into a dark nite .... Ahbeng turned into a Kalerwolf!!

So they were busy making out and got leehly leehly high then Ahlian whispered into Ahbeng's ear :

Ahlian : Larling I want you to eat me!

Ahbeng without further delay fast fast do as he told la! After Ahbeng got as it for around 5 minutes or so Ahlian blurted out :

Ahlian : Oh Ahbeng ... I wished we had a flashlight

Ahbeng stopped what hes doing and asked back :

Ahbeng : Torchlight? Why need torchlight?
Ahlian : Aiya! so you could see what you has been doing ler! You been muching on the grass for the last 5 minutes leh!

So now you know why they called it Yum-yum park huh? bcoz thats the place where the grass is yummy!!!


  1. hahaha.. stupid. cow eat all the grass there !!!

  2. hahahhahah -.-
    so u tasted the grass b4? =P

  3. Jialat...

    Ah beng canot differentiate grass and the other thing ar??!!!


  4. lol... so wingz got mistaken grass for ahem... da beautiful part before anot?? :P kua zheong lar...

  5. What grass is he eating?? I believed he is actually eating the lady's grass & now she want him him to eat the oyster. Have a nice day.

  6. muahahaha..same taste 1 meh?? or he forever eat the wrong thing??..i thought she wanted the torch for something else..

  7. It is called yum yum park, probably because it is next to the canteen??

  8. hahahaha that made my day :D

  9. janice : thats why that park mia grass no nid to mow wan mahh!

    huei : kakakaka ... those grass i tasted one is black kaler geh!

    kukujiaoman : kakakak ahbeng greenhorn maaa!! not everyone is as sexperienced as u one ler!

    conan : eh ... i mistaken ahem as fatchoy b4 lol!

    horny : kakaka u r the most sexpert la!

    Joe : I derno ler! i never tasted grass b4 wan!!! u goan try n see ler! lol

    tux : yo bro! how u doing?

    Satkuru : glad you enjoyed it man.


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