26 October 2007

The Cockalate Cake Best Birthday Cake for a Girl!

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too!

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

One of your "girl-friend" birthday is coming soon and you think there is nothing special with those ready made birthday cake ... you wanna make her upcoming birthday a day everyone will remember? You are in luck! I got just the cake for you!

Ladies and Genitalmen! I introduce you to The Cockolate cake!!! The best cake ever made for a girl!!!

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Look at the sexcitement on this girl's face once they showed her The Cockalate Cake!

Why shes so sexcited? Well ... this is why!

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The Cockalate Cake!! Worth every cents of your mani!!! LOL!

You know how your friends would ask you to blow the candles on the cake and then they will push your face onto the cake? well .. thats old trick already! With the Cocklate cake, you could even do more then just that! Now we ask our birthday girl to demo to you how you should eat the Cockalate Cake!

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Yummy!!! *Slurpss*

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*gagging!!!!* *Cough-Cough*

Not only you could ask her to deep throat it ... you could even see deep she can go just by looking indication built onto the Cockalate cake!

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Or you could ask her to bite of the "head" of the Cocklate cake if shes kinky enough! lol

So remember! for a unforgettable birthday party, get your "girl-friend" the Cockalate cake!!! You know they want it one!!! Dont shy shy! Call the number on your screen now!

Note : Cockalate comes with a 1 kilo cake and a set of Cockalate with balls onnit with free delivery world wide! Girls in the piktures is not included (of coz)!

Erina if you are reading this .... warm up your oven!!! Orders is kambing in like hot Cockalate!!! LMAO!!


  1. if that dick is for girls ha?

    then what about man?
    must poke into it if got that kind of cake meh?

    then cut cut and gip back to guest to eat?

  2. I like pisang goreng question. For man........ make them pussy and get them to lick lar. Wakahahaha..........*fall from chair*. You trick me har wingz. Nabeh! Don't let me come to kl and know when is ur birthday, I make u a cake that everyone will remember also. Btw, siapa lar yang curi the idea from my cake har with the batang?

  3. Wah! Erina! U can make this cake??? How much arrr??? Can make co*ck pink in colour???

    Very informative post!

    Have a nice day!

  4. Niasing spot some cleavage there...

    U guys should put the candle on thecock head..haha

  5. where is the sperms? the pisang should shoot sperm first all over her face before she bites it off... like that only syok mah

  6. eh where to get this custom-made cake? intersting oh

  7. eh .. i dont want the cake... got sell the cokelat oni onot?

    and i also wan the nen nen one pls tell me where to get ASAP~ my buffday comin >.<

  8. i am confused... so erina made the cake or what???

  9. last pic, woman on the left....cute. Ha ha ha

  10. How wish I can be the chocolate... kekeke

  11. wah..where to get cake customized like this??

  12. MCH!!! CIBAI BLOGSPOT!!! All my komen mia replies gone!!!! PUKI!!! One more time i takmau reply komen ledi!!!

    Pisang : Can give to man also geh .. but he will look at you differently after that lor! lol

    Erina : Oi! you fire up the oven mei? I got lotsa orders ledi oi! when can deliver jek?!

    horny : MCH lu! mana can jump Q lidis wei?! U kenot buy direct wan la! buy from me oni!! Dun say pink kaler la! u want gween kaler cork we also can make!

    pooky : niaseng lu ... ppl see cock-alate u see longkang pulak! lol

    admin : you watched too much porn ledi ler

    mercury : lu mia pasal, i dun mind to travel all da way to your houz and explen sama lu in detailssss ... kam kam kasi address! lol

    naes : Its not call chocolate ... its Cock-alate! U want buy the Cockalate for who wan? Dun shy shy ok? be honest ok? If you wanna buy the cockalate for own use then i gibe lu spesel diskaun la! chun boh?! lol

    Zewt : I m cuntfuse that you are cuntfused

    phillip : nabeh lu! so far oni u got realise that! that girl wear short short can see cameltoe also! see ledi lau bei huet!!!!

    kenny : Brada! lu mia pasal I kam out with new ploduck! "Live Cockalate Kek" ... u can be the Cockalate ok? lol

    jelly : From me lor ... come come gimme your phone numbah ... i call lu chun boh?

  13. n2778Ok Wings, that shall be our new business har. We partner apa macam? You take the order, I kautim the cake. Cock kah, ahbai kah, nennen kah - just take the order, I kautim for you. Ask them want whether they want the special item to be made from chocolate, styrofoam or butter har. Different punya barang, different $$$ mah. Betul tak? 1/2 kg cake or 1kg cake. All different different price one. But one condition, all order goes to Wings. I only bake the cake har.

  14. Oh ya, if want to add hair for the cock or hai must add additional RM1 ok ................ hahaha

  15. i wonder whose one the bakery used as a mold... for sure not jap ones.

  16. i wan buy the nen nen one for my own birthday la!!!!

    got diskaun onot! fast fast reply... serious nih!

  17. I want the chocolate cake for my birthday!!! WHERE can I get it?

  18. Yes, only one question.



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