17 October 2007

When Your Turn ah?

You prolly heard that line before, whether they are asking you when you gonna get married during a wedding dinner or they asking you when you are getting a baby at chinese new year reunion dinner or at a relative's full moon dinner. One way or the other we cant escape this question/remark "When is your turn ar?"

Today I m gonna teach you all how to answer that question once and for all! Read on ....

I was lunching with my suppliers turned good buddy today and one of them complained :

Ming : MCH! Now 30 yrs old not yet married is very odd meh?
Keong : No ah! Why?
Ming : Everytime i attend wedding dinner of my relative, there is this particular aunty will poke me and ask "AhMing ah! When your turn ar?" Everytime without fail man!
Keong : oh! I been thru that ledi ... I was once very irritated too with that question but about a year ago I finally figured out a way to counter that question.
Me : Wow! Serious?
Keong : Yea ... I m 35 this year and still single ... yet none of my relative dare to ask me "Eh .. when your turn ar?" at any wedding dinner anymore.
Ming : Wuahhhh!!! Teach me leh!!
Me : Yea ... tell us about it ... lemme learn something new today.
Keong : Its lidis one ... last time when they asked me that question i will smile back and say "soon .. soon"
Me : Then?
Keong : Then come one day one of my uncle passed away ... so i returned the favor and asked them the same question they has been asking me all these year ... at the funeral i asked them "Eh ... when your turn ar?" and they never bother me again after that!
Ming : WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! MCH! you dem cruel la!


  1. aiyo 30 years old attending wedding dinner confirm got auntie uncle ask you when is your turn already 1. Even I'm 20 years old many people do ask me when is my turn... I probably answer them "choi & touch wood" don't want so fast to get married!

  2. tiu lah...after u married u think the question will stop ah? When someone's having a baby, they'll ask again,

    when your turn ah???

    Then when someone's becoming a grandparent

    when your turn ah???

    until you die man!!!

  3. thats a crude return favor. lol. but it is true that the relatives will ask non-stop when you step in 20's and the rest of your life till u get married one day

  4. ahhaahhahahhahh!
    i learn something new!
    wanna try liaw!
    cos i always kena also! ahahhha!

  5. @alex
    Until you die ?

    Ie su they ask " When your turn si ah ? "

  6. Wah...ask ppl when die...damn mean but that'll make them stfu for good..


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