16 October 2007

Chinese Style Feeding

Before I go on lemme first brief you on the prop required to complete this story.

Ladies and gentlemen, This is a tablespoon. This is what angmoh use to eat altho we asians also been using this spoon on a daily basis.

And this is a baby spoon, this is what angmoh used to feed their infants.It looks like a spoon but just that its smaller in size.

So ... to an angmoh/gwailo they will think lidis ... "big spoon for adults and small spoon for infant/kids"

Then a while ago I was having dinner with this angmoh customer of mine at a chinese restaurant.

This gwailo/angmoh havent been to Malaysia before and not to mention he hasnt been eating much chinese food either, so for a change i brought him to my fav chinese restaurant and since we are eating at a chinese restaurant, we would naturally use chopstick rite?!

Looking at the way we handled our chopstick he came out with a question ....

James : You guys were taught from young how to use chopstick huh?
Me : Yea, its a chinese thingy.
James : You know ... a funny thot just came to mind ....
Me : What about?
James : I was thinking about how mothers from my country feeds their babies with tiny little spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks?
Me :


  1. haha..

  2. Tell the angmoh, toothpicks is to korek tooth shit... kekeke

  3. Wakakaka... angmoh baka!!! kekeke...


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