31 October 2008

Let it be, Let it be ....

Latel KL like got one big ass piece of gloomy cloud on top lidat .... u go anywhere also see ppl face dark dark one ... go eat econ lice also see ppl's face dark dark no luff one .... left dark dark ... right dark dark .... sigh ... sooner or later i also kena influence and myself also dark dark face ledi ....

I think we all in Mareysia need most now is motivation n inspiration ..... think on the bright side lor ....

Other than that you can watch this video to uplift your spirit and gibe lu inspirations It did to me ...

Anoder very powderfool inspirational video sent to me by brader Zewt.

Have a peaceful weekend!


  1. Anonymous9:17 pm

    He know how to use his hand more than most of us.

    He appreciate his life more than most of us.


  2. so touching.. and i luv this song so much

  3. for those of us who have been blessed with all limbs.... let us do something worthy of our blessings...

  4. This song really inspire me to work harder. OKla. now continue to clean up 'shits'


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