27 October 2008

Ahbeng in Construction Supplies

applied for a job at the construction site and was accepted.

The 1st day he work, his boss Mr. Sami-Where-lu tell to him lidis :

Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Ahbeng, its 11am now, this is ur 1st day ar, i want u in charge of the supplies for the construction site.
Ahbeng : No pobem boss! I will kautim your supplies for lu ... U very smart boss choose me to handle supplies.
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Huh? why smart to choose you to handle supplies thambi?
Ahbeng : My fwens all call me King of supplies .... so i gerenti you ... you will have the best supplies ever!
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : hmm sure anot? later we will see .... I kambek at 2pm to check on lu ok?
Ahbeng : Wokeh!

So its 2pm, Mr. Sami-Where-lu kambek to the site, but didn't see Ahbeng anywhere. So he go ask his sexytary Ms. Kumari .

Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Minachi! Ahbeng Yenna? I asked him to handle my supplies tot he construction site but everyone complaining they did not get their supplies!
Ms. Kumari : Boss just now u come .... i saw him fast fast run behind the concrete mixer there ....
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Sutali!!! I will ask my banglas to feed him cement concrete capati when i catch him!

Mr. Sami-Where-lu walks furiously to the concrete mixer machine trying to see where Ahbeng is hiding .... he walks around the concrete mixer but Ahbeng is no where to be seen .... as Mr. Sami-Where-lu was about to give up searching for Ahbeng, he suddenly jump out from behind the concrete mixer scaring the shit outta Mr. Sami-Where-lu and Scream loud loud :


The next day .... some workers found Ahbeng all tied up in the concrete mixer ....


  1. HAHA..another classic from u uncle rojakss!hhahaha

  2. ahahah... like this oso can..

  3. ahahhaha.. shit~! why so funny! man.. i almost cry when read this!

  4. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Mr. Sami-Where-lu!

  5. wei!
    samy where tok like dat?
    he tok like ah beng wan geh?

  6. ahahaahhaha.....this is really funny

  7. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Ah Beng's english, rofl!

  8. omg! i cant stop laughing when i read this..still LMAO-ing..

  9. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Memang King of Supplies! LoL...

  10. Anonymous9:57 pm

    wah... lojak... long long time no update liow wor... so sienz u know....

  11. Anonymous7:57 pm

    I had a difficulty understanding this joke at first...But then..Started to read it in Ah Lian way...OMG!! Laughed my head off!


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