16 October 2008

Jokes from Local Newspaper

Diu ... i thot no more ppl read this blog then i can closeshop ledi! mana tau still got ppl read! niahma! u mia pasal i blog sommo la! but not so daily ledi ... almost 4 years of blogging ledi .. should slow down jor lol!

Anoder round of funny news in the local niuspepah ....

I will oni highlight the funny part ok? if u want to read full news click the link below the article :

The Prime Minister said although the Government had reduced petrol and diesel prices three times in the last few months, the unfortunate thing was that this had not brought down goods prices.

“This is not good. The prices of goods should come down accordingly,” he said.

KAKAKAKAKAKAA!!! Niahma!!! peeple erly erly alredi tell u dun naik dun naik!!! Naik ledi kenot turun one! u die die also no briff!!! now u komplen wat la? if komplen also we komplen la!

“The prices of goods went up when times were bad (and international oil prices were high). But now that oil prices have been coming down, shopkeepers should be more responsible and reduce prices,”

Abdullah slammed consumer groups for leaving it entirely to the Government to bring down the prices of goods.

OUMAIKOTTT LA!!!! kecik kecik that time our parents always tell us dun screw up .... if u screwED up jor ... sindiri kasi kautim balik .... now got peeple screw uppED ledi but expecting someone else to kautim for him one! KAKAKAKAKA!!! now u know why so many ppl wanna sit his place la? I think the correct title for this position should be call "Screw-er"

At a press conference later, the Prime Minister was asked about Wanita Gerakan chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe’s controversial comments recently that the Malays, too, were immigrants to the country just like the Chinese and Indians.

Abdullah said the Deputy Information Minister should have the opportunity to explain herself and what she meant by her comment.

Huh? No meh? kakakaka who u wanna bruff?!! We all know ledi la! Unless u change the definition la ... bcoz mamak is definitely not "u-know-what-race" ... some mamak who came from india much later than my ancestors but alredi got "u-know what" status! WTF? they still sending $ back to india! I dont even have anymore relative in China! Diu! but i dont think they know that we are aware of what they are trying to do rite? kakakakaka! we not stupid wan can?!



  1. Anonymous12:20 pm

    sometimes it makes us wonder why kind of IQ, EQ and common sense these politicians qualify to run our country?

  2. hahahaha... that's why i call them comics.

  3. Should get him to guest blog at your blog, he's funnier than you thought you know? Kakakka.

  4. I like those blue color setence. Lol.

  5. wahaha situpid fella make situpid remarks now all also situpid liao, make ppl life hard, and he's sitting there NATO i would say No action Talk only


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