21 October 2008

Hillarious Local News Summary

Few days ago i got this inkambing link from anoder blog, I think that fler sesat ledi la ... he goan link this blog as a political blog! How can?! this is a funny shite Rojaks blog ok? we dun play poilitic wan! this is a blog of a commoner who knows nothing bout the politic. All i can see is the funny news in the newspaper and then point it out here only.

kam kam i show u ....

Last week i met one Ahbeng at kopitiam ... he told me lidis :

Ahbeng : Oi i heard that Lancau panjang there got fight.
Me : What lancau panjang? lancau panjang is where? Who fight who?
Ahbeng : Lancau panjang u derno ar? umno ppl fight with umno ppl there wor! newspaper also got show ... nah u see la!
Polis terpaksa kawal mesyuarat Umno Rantau Panjang
Oct 17, 08 4:29pm
Unit Tindakan Ringan Anti-Rusuhan terpaksa dikejarkan untuk mententeramkan keadaan di mesyuarat perwakilan Pergerakan Pemuda Umno bahagian Rantau Panjang pag tadi.

Me : DIU!!! its not Lancau panjang la!!! its Rantau Panjang!
Ahbeng : Yala i said Lancau panjang la!
Me : NO! u said Lancau Panjang!
Ahbeng : Diu! me Ahbeng mah! what you expect?

*later oni update ... boss calling for meeting lol

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  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    oii, update your blog liao! damn tulan ledi. everyday login and see no update. man... *knock knock*


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