7 November 2008

Ahbeng Engrand Rawks!!

We alwaz luff at China Ahbengs and their engrand like the few below ....

They actually mean dont feed the fish with our kkc!

deep fried ass meat! lol

If you horny then fast fast apply on kkc!

Then in our homeland .... our Ahbeng beh song china ahbeng get all the glory and he decided to join in the fun with this msg!

All of you listen to mee, dont disturb here, I will call police catch you, dont come my bangolow house, understand, o.k. I hate all of you.

kakakaka kanneh this sign dem classic la! mana mau cari?!!


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Engrish boleh!

    Don't come my bangolow, go pray far far! LoL...

  2. I laughed damn hard at the 1st pic

    Luckily no one at home

  3. FLOL the last photo!!!!


    i hate all of u!!!

    muz be so many ppl kacau him before till he really beh tahan liao...

  4. Anonymous9:24 pm

    hahahaha so funny! but u know, that bungalow is actually an aunty who sot sot de wan. she become sot cos she lost her only son in a bus accident. got in lowyat.com leh.

  5. Anonymous5:48 pm

    lol wtf

  6. the last pigcer really sohai la...
    if they dun wan to disturb
    WHY on earth they pasang that door bell?

  7. i almost lost my breath laughing at the last pic. I HATE ALL OF YOU OK! thats so preschool! wtf ahahahaha


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