12 November 2008

Super! Super! SUPER DIGI!


Ducks are everywhere nowadays!

Too many of them!!

Let’s hunt them down!!

If you are juz like me, then your chance has kam….

Recently, two yellow ducks have escaped from a farm after committing crimes.

Now, the whole kanteri is looking for them!! And, now FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) is putting out warrant notice and listing both ducks as top wanted list. The two ducks are; Super FnF and Super SMS.

And the best thing is got reward mia!!! U hunt the yellow ducks down and you will get rewards offered by the FBI !!!

Here are some of the dem cool stuff offered by FBI.

Week 1 : 10 Sony Erricsson W880i
Week 2 : 10 Ipod Nano
Week 3 : 5 PSP
Week 4 : 10 Ipod Touch
Week 5 : 10 Sony Erricsson W880i
Bonus Week : 5 Sony Ps3

How to join???

Veri easy oni. First, you have to go to the duckhunt website and register urself as a mean-grin-duckhunter .

Then, you oni need to find both ducks’ location and hunt them down. After that, count the remaining ducks that are left on the farm and submit ur entry.

How to find the ducks? dun worry, Kapitan Wingz will help lu wan!!

Recently, I heard from my goosebottom (ngor dai) that these two ducks has been hiding all over the internet in people mia brogs. So faster go and hunt them down!!

U ken oso tell ur frens to join the duckhunt so tat u ken get a first clue from FBI of the ducks’ whereabouts.

So what u waiting for???? I sign up ade!! The PS3 is mine!!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    Kapitan Wingz...
    Sounds so ma fan 1.
    Lazy to play lor.


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