19 November 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnessday - DSLR Benji

Her displayed name is benjicajess, so i called her Benji la ... but she tulan and fark 9 me upside down, cursed 9 my 18th generation of anchestors and forced me to cell her Jess .... -.-""" Lauhon sial!

What do you get when u cross a DSLR and a Chick?

Answer :You judge for yourself in the photos below la!

Pro-pile :

Name : benjicajess but pls dun call her Benji ok?
Age : 19 yrs young! Fresh Flesh!
Watchadoinnow? : Masscomm student.
Stay Where? : Penang
Also a freelance Photographer .... and definitely qualify as a freelance model too la!!

I wanna dig for more infos but she fark me no free ledi .... enjoy these piktures la!

Yala i know la ... u farking me now asking urself whats so spesel about this pic ... wait la!!! u see this pic 1st then u see the others then u will lau bei huet wan!!!

I think my aircond rosak at pic no.2 ledi ... if not why suddenly so hot wan? LOL! .... huh? what red face guy??? where?!! got horn sommo? why i dint see geh?! who u wanna bruff?!

This smile reminded me of an incident last time when i accidently put chocolate into the oven ... melting sial!!!! NAH!!! U all mah lat lows Sei mei?!

OUMAIKOT!!!! SO DIP DIP WAN!!!!!! if jatuh inside can drown and suffocate ok?!

Ahlian Look! This pikture sure Alot Ahbengs will download one!!!

Look at thos abs .... or look slightly higher also can ... both also .... phuhhhhhhh!!!! *looking for tisu*

Wuah!!! U guys still got pahwer to reach till pic no. 7? most Ahbengs alredi hospitalised at pic no.6 ledi! Due to excessive lost of blood thru nose bleed lol! Nah side profile la!!! Leng Mou?!

* hands shivering ledi .... derno what to type ... tisue finished jor .... still lau bei huet-ing*

Wuah sardenlee my heart bip bop bip bop very fast liow .... izzit bcoz of this pic??? who got same sexperience after viewing this pikture?!

OUMAIKOTTT!!! if you still can stand after this pikture then u pass the test ledi!!! U GRaduateD! U r not longer a "GREEN HEAD BOI" kakakaka!

Others who dint pass ... keep plektising and start from the top of the post again!

Graduates can proceed to Benji's Blog for more of her pwetty pigchers!!!


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    LOL LOL wtf. OHMYGAWD u werent joking when u sed u were gonna do this!!!

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS lol. thanks dude.
    damn phaiseh sial. wtf. why la post all these kinda pics only wan....
    -_-" lol.

  2. Wow! Hot lady! And I can see that she like to play with pistol!!! Hemmmm I wander if she like to play with shot gun or not??

  3. =_= !!!!?????

    u teruk kena affected by current economic recession?


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