15 November 2008

Italiannies Mama~ Miaaaa~

Event : Nuffnang Sharing Session
Venue : Italiannies, The Gardens
Why I m there : FREE MAKAN LA! Italy food u no? High crass food ok? MANA MAU CARI?!
Got Lenglui anot : GOT ALOT!
Got Longkang to see anot : GOT ORSO!!!
Got Whatelse : Read ourself la! Got skool anot wan lu?

The place - Italiannies, The Garden

The Peeples

Top Nuffnang ekSEXkutip - Yee Hou with his hamsap "Nang this" t shirt

De Bozz - Misiter Tim

Fierce Nuffnang Leader - Misiter Nikolai (Middle) Happening brogger Simon Seow (right)

Pwettiest Nuffnang Fawer - Miss Pinky and cutest nuffy Chingy (looking up at the ceiling wan)

And a whole shitloads of fehmes broggers that i neber met befoh .... for a complete list of attendees goto this Lengjai Bryan post la!

And long time buddy Misiter KY ... the hero of the day! Hes actually asking that fler in the pikcher to pay him back his otang .... look at his fierce face!

This fler also very fierce when hungry ... so if u see him eating ... my advice is dun go near la! LOL

Lengjai Nuffy AhLob and Chingy

Dar Food

Italian Meenbao (wholemeal bread) with vinegar and olive oil. Dinner start quite late ... that why they gibe us meenbao to wallop 1st ... some table sapu the meenbao till the plate clean clean man!

Why eat meenbao must put vinegar and olive oil? hah!!! this one high crass thing u Ahbeng derno one la! Tell u also waste gas! LOL! If u wanna know u blanja me eat there again then i teach u la!

Californian Shrimp Salad

Then when all the broggers arrived ledi the 1st dish they served is California Shrimp Salad. How the taste? I derno! I only eat the Prawn la! Why? Fully utilise stomach safe space mah! Later got good thing to eat leh!

It seems like no one knows whats the name of this dish ... simply put ... its a thin crust pizza la!

How izzit? Ok .. not bad also ... but doesnt seems to be able to supplies my taste bud, i was actually expecting a SUPPLIES but tarak ... or prolly i too hungry liow? lol

Quattro Platter

Next is Quattro Platter, Quattro means ampat/sei/four (see? i eat italian food ledi can understand italian liow wei!) kinda like our chinese four season dish lidat la but this one in italian style which is consist of 4 types of deep fried varieties. Dip flied Kalah-mali (calamary), Dip flied onion ring and seaweed (i think) and 2 balls ... i mean 2 tpes of balls with cheese/mushroom stuffing inside.

SUPPLIES element? none detected orso

Sicilian Pizza

This one is Sicilian pizza! this pizza very powderful one! Why powderful? If you eat ledi u can bekam more "fierce" wan! Most of the Sicilian Taikos in Italy eat this to bekam fierce one la! U say powder anot?!

SUPPLIES element? Got abit la .... but still was expecting more.

Lamb Shank

No no no ... not lamb shag ... i know u Ahbengs know what is lamb shag but this is not that kinda lamb .... no shagging involved ok?

Lamb shank means : Lamb shank is cut from the arm of shoulder, contains leg bone and part of round shoulder bone, and is covered by a thin layer of fat and fell

This is prolly the fastest "gone" dish that nite. If you think "Gone in 60 seconds" is fast ... u should really see how we wallop the lamb shank in less than 20 seconds! Bcoz it was too mouth watering extralicious ... some of the bargers were trying to weck the bone as well! (not me ok?! NOT ME!!!)

The lamb shank were perfectly done, superbly tender and needless to say exrremely juicy .... almost melt in your mouth wan! ... eat ledi dream also will remember the taste sial!!!

SUPPLIES element? Phuhlamak!!! Best of the best la!

Then finally .... the HERO of the nite kamout to play ....

Mind you ... this one is a new dish ... only a few privilaged one get to taste it first .... and I happened to be one of them la! (dun jeles can?!)

Ladies and Genitalmen ... I present sama lu ..... latest recomendation of Italiannies Chef's kitchen ....

The Bowls of Pasta

element? If u r a pasta lober .... DIE DIE also must try!!!!

How should i decribe the kinda culinary experience this dish given to me .... being a cooker someone who loves to cook, this dish opened my eyes to a new fusion of taste and possibilities. Who would thot of Apple and pasta could actually create a fusion of taste thats beyond one would expect?

Yea you heard me rite! Apple and pasta (thats just one of them pasta among the 10 different kinda pasta served to us) Another unforgettable tastebud teasing bowl of pasta would be the Garlic and mushroom, such a simple combination and yet so fulla suprises!

And lucky me ... by the time they serve the Bowl of Pasta ... most of the broggers is either busy camwhoring or already full jor .... remembered the utilisation os stomach space i told you about in the beggining of the food section? Well it helped! I almost have the whole Bowls of Pasta to myself!!!

Too bad there is no free refills ... if not i would still be there till they close shop!!! LOL!

I would like to send my compliment to the chef but too bad we didnt have time for that. If the chef of Italiannies is reading this (chances are slim to none ... i know) I would like to thank you for a job welldone!

To Nuffnang boss and staffs ... Thank you for allowing me to tag along to such a pretigious food tasting event, some guy told me that once you been invited to one the chances are slim to none that you will be invited to the next Nuffnang Sharing Session .... but nebermind ... I will stalk 9 Ahlob and bug 9 him till he cracks up and lemme go again wan!!! I will SUPPLIES him wann!!!! Ahlob u just wait!!!!

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