29 November 2008

When Bini goto saloon ... what do u do?

CHainise Nu Yar is kambing and my wife wanna bikin her hair again .... It will takes at least 4-5 hours one ... while waiting for her to finish her hair

I do this ....

What about you?


  1. I dunno, I don't have a bini.

  2. Wah your bini so lucky go bikin lambut oso got people wait for her.

    When I go bikin lambut I go myself only. :(

  3. Anonymous12:23 am

    GF pun takrak la bang.

  4. I no bini oni gf... Still da same gua.

    Neway, my laptop is always wif me. Masuk wireless n baca my favourite Rojaks la of course =)

  5. Dun talk abt bini, gf pun takde

    I'm a big fan of old town white coffee!!! I like their ice blended coffee very much. Sometime go there sit for half day doing uni assignment with thier wireless service & ahem.....looking at girls.

  6. bini.............
    i oso dun have lor.....
    gf oso oso dun have....

    but cyber gf got alot lor.....
    you wan kar....

  7. So early go to do hair liau kah? Normally, me and hubby go to the saloon together and after that he go jalan jalan at the shopping mall while waiting for me.

  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    I tidur at home. Sendiri pegi lah. Got own car, got lesen memandu, got money. Apa mau lagi??? LOL

    Unless got sexy shampoo girl then I go cuci mata, opps cuci rambut lah. LOL

  9. Anonymous8:17 pm

    I go do my hair also lor. hahahha Since my hair also messy and long liaw. Then while waiting again, just play with phone or read magz.:P Halooo bro.


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