19 November 2008


KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! Luff 9 die me la!!!!

If you drive from KL to JB, i think u kena bayar something like 30-40 bucks of toll luit. so now they giving lu 10% discount u know!!! 10%!!! TEN PERCENT!!!

Best Rite? but wait! there is a catch! Wat izzit? To qualify for this 10% discount .... U kena drive under these conditions :

  1. When everyone is asleep (but not u bcoz u wanna save 10% on toll so u gotta drive remembered?)
  2. When u urself also farking sleepy ledi.
  3. When the road it blardee farking dark.
  4. Racing side by side with fly by nite big ass 20 tonnes, 200 wheels big ass trucks that can run over your puny little car 20 times and still can move like nothing happened one!
  5. When all your passengers is sleeping and no one is there to help u stay awake.
All the above and you will be able to save prolly 3-5 bucks per trip! (that is if you are travelling from KL to JB la.... if you travelling to seremban kalo ... i think u can save maybe 50 sens guah LOL!!!) KAKAKAKA!!! prolly not enuff to buy livita/red bull to stay awake also la!!!

You say our toll kompeni "PRIHATIN" anot la!!!! Lets see what our transport minister gonna say about this ... he plomised to tok the tok and fark the wok one last time ... lets see he got balls anot la!

10%!!! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! these guys really know how to throw a great joke man!


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    10% only after they fail to win the majority on March 8th..

    next erection the gomen veli hard to survive dy..

  2. Just to make the transport minister looks good...but in fact look stupid. Who drives after that hour...?

  3. Anonymous3:00 pm

    It's one of those misplan PR practice. 10% off... wau lau eh... damn kau kau keng. It means, we will have to wake up earlier, get to the toll both, once enter, park aside and sleep.
    Why not make it till 8am
    That is where users will use toll.
    Those after 8am why don't qualify:
    1. Work place is near at home, so don't pass through toll.
    2. If you need 1 hour to get to work, by getting out 1/2 hour earlier, it really doesnt hurt. But to travel before 7am... siao ar? I only save 30cents... for that trip... a month, 7ringgit ++ ...

    might as well sleep more!

  4. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Almost everyday also got such funny joke woh, Rojaks Daily can tahan the competition or not ah? Haha...


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