26 November 2008

Whats for blekfas?! Check out this latest Bread craze!

There is alredi some Ahbengs who labelled Rojaks as a lifestyle brog, i mean if u think carefully hor ... memang kena what? We at rojaks memang tok about Ahbeng lifestyle wan wat?

Today we gonna see what the latest lifestyle of an Ahbeng ... Today we gonna tok about the latest trend in Ahbeng Culinary trend.

To be more precise .. we gonna talk about blekfast for Ahbeng!

The latest trend in Ahbeng blekfas is the Shitz Baobao!!!

This is the basic plain shitz version .. just like the plain white bread lidat la.

This one is Corn Shitz baobao .... can see the undigested corn there anot?

How i know its really made of bread and not pure poop?

Nah kasi lu see crossection la! You ever see shit lidis one anot? middle got red bean one lol ... i salute u if ur stomach can make such kind shit .. got fillings one lol!

If you dun like the spiral shaped shitz ... they also got odd shaped one ....

this one even come with undigested corn n raisin ... yummy!!!

They come in all shapes and sizes for u to choose from!

and colors too! can choose light or dark brown wan .... i m wondering if i could choose the texture also? sometime our poop is hard and sometime (especially we salah makan that time) it will come out watery rite? .... then how they gonna make the watery type poop?

This one is abandonned maggots infested poop ... u got see the maggots (worms) anot? neh the white kaler one leh ....

The best part is ... your poop got emotion wan!!! just imagine ... u wekap from sleep feeling high high dei then u goto the table to have ur blekfast oni to see a poop smiling at u .... aawww that would make your day innit?

So whois in for a Shitz Baobao?! start taking orders now!



    kills my appetite to eat bread anymore!! on the other hand, my blog got yummmmyyy ipoh food already! =D =D =D =D dun come n ruin my appetite



  2. Anonymous1:44 pm

    shit........made me recall what i saw in toilet bowl in office yesterday! AH! the trauma is bek!

  3. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Anker Lojak!
    Do you want me to belanja you that?

  4. Anonymous6:42 pm

    boss, tomorrow don't take so much order pulez, I haven't orsee for whole day already!!!! later customer complain the shit too hard to chew!

    Opss...sorry boss, I didn't mean to tell you where you source the bled flom! OMG!

  5. very jelak!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous9:53 pm

    LOL! the rest i no problem eating but the one with maggots.. really have to think twice a bit.

    hahaha! my imagination is too rich!

  7. where to buy the shit leh?

  8. I see the outcome of my everyday morning. Urghhh


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