28 November 2008

My Pet Monkeys

Ok la ... i lied! They are my pet hamsters ... but i think they sot sot dei one ... the think the are mini monkeys!!! If they can talk kan ... i think they will ask me buy them mini bananas also!

Do anyone know if there is any pet saikologist in the market one anot? I wanna send them there n check their blen and see got blen damage anot lol!

Its lidis one ... whenever i kambek from work ... there will climb up and goyang the cage and make noise like "tang tang tang tang" biting on the cage metal wire mesh.

I know what they saying one .... they telling me

"OI! Kanneh lu! so late oni kambek!!! FEED ME NOW!!!"

I so cute leh! Feed me 1st can?!

Kanneh 2-5 jai!!! Wait for me!

See mum! one hand oni!!!


Oi cilaka lu 2! Neber wake me up for makan!!!

I gibe lu 5 minits to feed us ah .... dun say i no warn lu!

Niahma!!! U want feed us anot wan?! Dun make me come out n weck 9 u ok?!

See? My hamsters dem gangsta n vulgar too! Maybe they been watching lotsa TV .... i think i better put them in the back rather than leave them here in the living room and let them watch tv ler!

TV is bad ok? TV can turn a hamster into a nasty monkey wan!

Anyone wanna adopt my pet hamster monkey anot?


  1. wahh so cute!!!
    funny post abt yr mini monkeys

  2. muahaha, last time my hamster also like that one...

  3. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Oiii, go my blog and feed me first leh!!!! I oso hungwee!!!

  4. Anonymous7:03 pm

    haha.. I can see tht it's taken using Sony A200! haha. not bad. you play with the DoF very well wat. haha..

    and i think they are really hungry. You ate their food is it?

  5. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Coz they learn from the owner lar!

  6. They are cute, I wanna adopted some but I live at Kuching XD

  7. my guess is they played too much kuwakchai too much HAHAHAHAH
    yr hamster damn thin..spit also can drown them!

  8. TV watching hamster? Sounds like Rhino from Bolt. lol

  9. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Tai lo,

    Your hamster the teeth dammed itchy lah that is why hor they bite the steel cage lar! Buy the grinding stone got calsium one let them bite lor.Kautim.

    I got 2 pairs of hamster B4 but they everyday play-play until finally got 27 hamsters. Got to build highrise cage for them somemore must clean very smelly. Kannot tahan so gave away 2 friends.


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