26 November 2008


Why I call the shots??

Not I call shot la … U call the shots lar…

Dun gedit??

Let Wingz korkor tell lu….

Now, got new mobile serbis in town ade…. Its called UMobile !!!!

Chip and affordable!!

Now u ken pick what sorta pekaj u like,

make ur own choices,

and pay how much u use,

means U call da shot lar… in Ahbeng language means U r da Boss la!

If lu memang ahbeng, u sure dem like UMobile!!


Coz they use the number 018!!!! Ong or not Ong???

Look at dis!!! Their prepaid deal so syok!!
And its even more high when you hear dis. From now, as long as u are UMobile user, u get to call any number , any one for free until 31st March 2009!! Yes, percuma, no need pay!!! N u ken sms other UMobile users for juz 1 sen/sms.
(Lucky, I got my new 018 number ledi from dat pwetti ahlian in Sg. Wang)

Then, UMobile oso got veri nice deal for postpaid peeple….

Now u ken choose which 1 is more better for u…!! Better yet, u ken get free fon!!
By subscribing to U98, now u ken get a handphone, Samsung Z140….Cun anot??
Samsung Z140

Oso, I dem like UMobile coz its veri Mahreysia…. Especially their advertisements!!

Wait. U think kautim ledi arh? Notchet! Still got free stuffs. Now, u ken access unlimited caller ring tones and watch live TV for free on ur phone. More, u get 5 free games download, which means, u ken now play Stripe Poker while waiting for ur gerpren shopping!! Oi, dun goan tfk when playing the game!

Wait! I not pinis yet! there is still more!

For all UMobile users, you ken get 10 free SMS for every RM10 tat u use in a 30 day duration.

Even more, if you reach usage of RM100, you will get anoder 10 free SMS.

And all this is until 31st December oni, so faiditt and register wit UMobile!

UMobile reli my angel lar, wat fark oso free 1. U tell me where to get??

Ahnee!! The Tarik, setengah glass!!

Tak bleh!!!


KAKAKA…tis is why I larfu TV ad. Look at his face, the fler look like sei lou dau….
Wait!! After that le, what happen???
If lu want to see the whole story, go HERE

Oi, dun skol me lar…!! Niama..of coz I got reason that’s why I brog all this stuff!!

Last week, one of my goosebottom (ngor dai) found out that UMobile got this contest le….SHHHH!!! Got a lot of plizes wan!!!

Wat u need to do to win this contest???

Veri simple oni. All you need to do is create the perfekt UMobile Ah Beng look. Faiditt go get ur camera and camwhore now!!

1.] UMobile look means Funny Ahbeng & Ahlians pigcher of urself (e.g. half naked pikture of yourself/cross dressing/dig nose pics)

2.] And it must have a 018 product in the picture.

3.] Submit the photo to me together with ur email to rojaks[dot]wingz[at]gmail.com. The top 5 fugliest photo will be the winner and announced in Rojaks.

UMobile 018 Prepaid Starter Pack X 5
UMobile 018 Prepaid RM50 Top-up X 5
U Mobile Goodie Bag X 5

Oi, wat u waiting for? Faster go camwhore lar!! I wan see tat half nekid fugly face of your’s !!!!!!!

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