25 September 2008

Lengmou Thursday

Other than you ... yea you ... the one who reading this rite now! YOU LA! who else is here ader than you?! now this blog no ppl read liow so left u oni!

Btw if you were asking why i blog so less now compares to afew years ago? The answer is ... nowadays the ultimate course of Jokes is our daily newspaper! How to fight them wei?! they so big! so many readers! their website so big! How to fight?!

What? you kenot find jokes in our local newspaper? Sure boh? Kam kam i show u!

Harga minyak turun lagi 10 sen
Sep 24, 08 2:44pm

Kerajaan hari ini mengumumkan penurunan sebanyak 10 sen lagi harga minyak berkuatkuasa esok.

TURUN SEPUH SEN!!! SEPUH SEN YOU KNOW??!!! 10SEN!!! TENSEN! thats equivalent to 1 bijiks of hacks gula gula in KL!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAA!!!! U SAY FUNNY ANOT?!!! so if you pump 50 liters u get 50 bijiks of gula gula hacks free la! KAKAKAKAKA!!!

Damages alredi done la! price of my fav roti canai still RM1.00, wantan meen still RM4.50 ... price of others necessities wont go down anymore, so whats the point you trying to prove ar? Unless our muslim braders can raya with drinking petrol ... i dont think this year Raya gonna be any merrier than last year one! So whats the point of this reduction in petrol price ar?

Then there is lapuk news (I lazy to search for the article in the news la! that time i dem tulan but i plomised myself that i wont blog when i tulan-ing so now i m not tulan anymore i write about this la!) of a pot calling kettle black ... he himself a "pendatang" calling other ppl pendatang just so he can bekam hero! MCH! I think my ancestor was here long before yours la! So whos the "pendatang" now?! MCH play racial issue not ISA one meh? Why he no ISA wan? MCH! Who you kidding now? We all blind one izzit?

And then there is this pikture .. the funniest piktures of the Year!

This pikture kebas from seejeh liulian

It says recession kambing edi (which is suppose to be a farking bad news!) buden why they still dem happe lidat ah? lurking at the piktures i suddenly thot of a line ... its "u guys are so farked! HAHAHAHA!"

With all these jokes on our daily newspaper edi .. no nid read rojaks ledi la!!!


  1. That pictures of the 2 'sunfun' see already hor, no lalu to eat. Off course they happy lar coz their pocket sudah full liau mah. Who suffer? People like us lar suffer. NCH, see the 2 old man also tulan.

  2. Anonymous10:15 pm

    I never failed to laugh when reading newspaper nowadays wan. Rojaks can ta pao ledi. Haha...

  3. Anonymous5:46 am

    then what you want?

    just ask government give free petrol lah, easier.

    so stop all development, stop all construction, stop LRT and rapidKL operation, stop keep invite foreigner come our country do investment, close petronas, close all private university, stop all public road light.

  4. Anonymous11:31 am

    nooooo...... canot like tat la~
    morning newspaper entertaintment read until 9.40am...
    rojaks daily read until 10.40am...
    been reading ur older posts until almost finish d~~
    if no more rojaks to read then i will have to start work ealier!!
    curse u lao sai 3days 3nite non stop if u stop blogging!!!

  5. HAPPYending, what kind of development have u seen after petrol hike?

  6. LOL. Never ending joke from newspaper.

  7. I saw that news too :D

  8. Now 10 cents still got 10 hacks for u meh? 2 oni la aiyooo...

    I agree la.. My charkoayteow now 1 plate RM 4.50 T.T what the heck man..


  9. Newspaper very funny nowadays but I still visit rojaks. Very nice site you have keep it up! :)


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