3 September 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnesday - TOO HOT in Miri!!

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too! Got terribly foul language and its no good for hypocrites also! Its not for the Faint hearted neither! Pls do not proceed if you have a weak heart ok?

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

According to my other p0rn pusher, Black Buddha .... this place is in Miri! I neva been to Miri before so i dunno ... Any basket from Miri wanna confirm whether u guys got such a Biao Meis heaven in Miri anot? If got why no share share with me!!! If you dun tell me ... how i wanna go MIRI?!!!

I tell you something ... altho I neva been Miri befoh but ... judging from the way this jiejie is dressing ... i can tell Miri is a very hot place leh!!! Hot place kenot wear too much clothes one! If not will kena fever one geh!

See this waitress jiejie? the behind so windy .... work also can work more efficient lidis!

The waitress jiejie very frendly also ... got posing for your camera tim!

See see?!!! too HOT liow la the weather, front is sweating! thats why kena take out and let wind blow blow abit! if not later armpit smelly der!

This jiejie more cleber! she wear lesser clothes so no nid to have smelly armpit at all!

Looking at this jiejie .... i sardenlee got this urge to drink milk ler ..... jiejieee i want nen nenn~~

Oi! oi!!!1 niahma this ahpek .... what you checking la! That place where got sweating wan!? no nid check la!!!

Wah lau eh .... this jiejie sit the ahpek's lap take pikture wei!!! u got see the ahpek's face anot? that fler like Viagra overdose lidat mia face wei! LOL!!

You see the ahpek anot? He holding tisu getting ready to wipe his nose bleed la! All is the weather fault! Too HOT ledi till can nose bleed wan!

Side view wei!!! Side view can let ppl see the actual size wan!!!! You got see the moutain anot?!!! Like EVEREST!!!! *look for tisu*

Phuiyo ... this ahpek must be veri rich wan! buy so many "lafu" sticker and put on this waitress jiejie .... can hug hug sommo! So HOT ledi still wanna hug meh?! later armpit sweating how?! lol!

This jiejie foinally beh tahan the heat liow! .... what the best way to beat the heat? Go take a shower la!

See see? waitress jiejie is so happy taking shower! Shes very cool ledi now! All wet wet ... but how come its my turn to feel HOT wan now? Who turn off my aircond?!! eh wait ... the aircond is still on wor! Then why so HOT WAN?!!!

WOOO!!! jiejie finish shower ledi lor! Jiejie now very cooling jor ... but everyone else is HOTTER than before leh! HOW?!

I think i want to organise a group *business trip* to Miri la!!! RM1,999.00 suma masuk! Naik Airasia 1st krass flight! Who want join fast fast register!


  1. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Look like ladyboy lah...

    Boob job. Got banana one ah?

  2. Anonymous1:06 pm

    wahhhhhhhh that one reli in miri a ? Eh i wanna go liao hehehe

  3. Fuiyoh! Eh, you sure this is Miri or not. Not some Thailand cafe your friend tell you to make you go Miri visit him. :P

    p/s: 1 of them look like guy. LOL!

  4. Anonymous2:28 pm

    eR... I hope ur fren could tell d name of d place or at least the Road name or at leasst least the nearest landmark to tat place.. such as hotel or shoppin mall..

    Fyi.. I am from Miri.. and even I dun knw got tis kind of place..

    Maybe I am jus a goodi goodi boy :P

  5. Anonymous4:03 pm


  6. their body like very nice lor T___T *emo*

  7. Anonymous6:26 pm

    wah see the last picture! the ahpek buey tahan liao hand under desk!

  8. Anonymous9:12 pm

    in thailand la ...check picture 6...thai=push

  9. KNN u wingz~!! Jiejie? U bcome their father also can la!! Wakakakakakak!! Eh look like ah gua lerr.. xD


  10. Anonymous11:31 pm


    how come all the waitress jie jie got funny lump on the neck wan de?

    mal laubeihuet sommore...lol....

  11. Anonymous1:48 am

    This is thailand la

  12. This wan in Thailand lar. I saw the bottle of water there on the table. That wan Thailand mia brand lar.

    A few of the jie jie look like gor gor in disguise wan. And then hor, their star stickers hor, I saw before in Phuket leh...

  13. let's go miri.......

    and stay there sure our lives can be very very long wan

  14. mahaiii!

    wingz thanks for the heads up! tonight fly to miri d.

    P.S: Kuwakchai is a damn farney game.

  15. aiyah... thai lady boy ka?

    wau lau pe huet for nothing....

    ...but what you dunno wont kill ya..

  16. Anonymous1:06 am

    omg.. im from miri. are you SURE that's miri? don't even recognize that place..

  17. Anonymous9:34 pm

    pls la, this place is lacated in thaialand . .
    think before u post , dun simply post la, u think all ppl stupid 1 meh ... lol

  18. wooowwww.....fuiyooohh...dasatnyeeeee

  19. Anonymous1:30 am


  20. Anonymous9:26 am

    fap fapfap cerittt ahhhhhhhhh

  21. Sillikon worr...not oliginal maa...

  22. Silikon worr..not oliginal maa...wasteless


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