12 September 2008

New T-Shirt Design for Gym

Yesday got a call from a few buddies to go kopitiam blowater, I so long no invitation to blowater ledi! yea ... i know ... i got pathetic life and no fwens!! even my imaginary fwens left me! thats how pathetic my life is! So if got ppl tell you that u can be popular by blogging .... u can tell them go fly kite la! LOL

Anyway, there is this frend Richard .... I called his house the other day and his wife told me he go gym edi ... so i asked him at kopitiam la ...

Me : Eh that day i called your houz, your wife told me you go gym ledi wor!
Richard : Oh .. that time i on the way to register la!
Me : Which gym you go? best anot? how much? got chicks anot?
Richard : I changed my mind last minit ... i dint join
Me : Har? What went wrong?
Richard : I actually filled up all the forms ledi u know? then when i reaching for my credit card .... the clerk suddenly asked me to choose the kaler of my FREE Gym Tshirt.
Me : Wats wrong with that? mch ... ppl give u FREE t-shirt also u dun like ka? Free wan u know?! take home n wipe floor also worth it la! You dont have to wear it if you dont like what?
Richard : No la! its not that! U want listen anot wan now?!
Me : ok ok soli soli ... go on ... go on ...
Richard : Then i mai choose t-shirt lor ... i see the got 2 design, both also got print gym name in front the oni different is the behind.
Me : Whats behind?
Richard : just 2 letters oni ...
Me : What letters?
Richard : N.G.
Me : How does that 2 letters stopped you from signing up with the gym?
Richard : I asked the clerk what does N.G! means mah ....
Me : Then what does N.G! means?
Richard : NOT GAY!
Richard : Now u know why i felt so lucky i never pay them yet anot?!


  1. Anonymous6:05 pm

    no understand, unless iur puen is gay

  2. Anonymous10:47 pm

    is it meaning that that play all gay 1.. then let him wear to let those gays know lokchat is not gay?

  3. Anonymous2:09 am

    erm.. so is there a "I.G" design for gay guys? "im gay"

  4. Just by wearing an NG T-shirt, it doesn't prevent one from getting sodomised by the hunky gays in the gym :p

  5. sure boh got gym liddat gah meh

  6. Anonymous9:40 pm

    woi, update ur post la. kinda boring if u login 3 times a and doin't see any updates


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