10 September 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Taiboh Angmoh!

I suppose to post some piktures wan ... but sadly .. today blogspot got something farking wrong! totally kenot post piktures! Luckily Zues the kenny jai gimme this taiboh angmoh girl video ... can let u guys gian abit la! better than nothing rite? later u 1 week no tfk then your pipe clogged ledi how?! LOL!

Nah enjoy la!


  1. ** huargh **

    feel so sleepy lor...
    when this clip will end?

  2. I don't care how I should stand talk walk bla bla bla.. I care how I should get you on my bed.. Wakakakak.. Oi Wingz.. we need something that can refresh our dead braincells laa.. Why are you showing some bimbos that have problems talking & making me jerk off to it?? Walaozz.. LoL.



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