23 September 2008

Guessed not many Ahbengs know about this huh?

Suddenly got mood to blog! so i off my handphone and put my office phone on engage mode and blog! Why am I blogging so little lately? You tried doing the work of 4 peeple and still have time to blog anot b4? Like all poor guy ... i m the victim of bad econ .... and also bad "u know what la!"

You Ahbengs and Ahlians derno how lucky you are to be living in this era! Apart from our sucky politics and economy and the price of food and the price of petrol and the price of everything else is going up like mad but at least you all get to fark all you want!

Last time in old engrand if you wanna fark you kena fill forms and apply 1st, then kena take a number ... go interbiu .... bribe someone then only they give u the lisen to fark!

I presumed that if you get pregnant without the lisen then you will kena jail maybe? So .... if you fark n not get preggy then its ok? AH! now i know where Anwar learn sodomi from! LOL!

Niahma ... hang the sign on the door when having sex wor! KAKAKAKAKA!!! If this is plektis in our era (mean now lar!) then the door sign will be :

"Farking in progress la!... Dont make noise! Later I kenot cum can!"


  1. So that is what FUCK stand for! Anyway I use POKE! So when I am pokeing away I hang a notice on my hotel door 'POKEING in progress Don't POKE in'!!!

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Ish.... Ish...

  3. eh.. now i learn the word! ahahha

  4. fornication under consent of the king...wau.


  5. that's very informative... hahahah!


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