27 August 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Why you should buy BRA for your wife

Permatang Pauh was splendid! and of coz An-war won (as expected) and If "they" still dont understand what we want by now (dispite the facts that we shown to them over n over again) .... then i m willing to take my chance with a new gormen.

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too! Got terribly foul language and its no good for hypocrites also! Its not for the Faint hearted neither! Pls do not proceed if you have a weak heart ok?

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

Many Ahbengs dun like follow their wife/gf go buy bras n panty one ... this is because of the male ego factor la!

But that is so wrong ok? You Ahbengs should volunteer to follow your wife/gf(s) go bras n panty shopping! infact ... if you can ... go once every week!!!

You may wanna say "Shy la .... kanneh! later ppl think i binthais love to wear bras and panties one how? (crossdresser la) "

Shy? But what if i tell you that you can see get to see many many jiejies lidis at the bras and panties shop leh? Then you wanna go anot jek?

If you r lucky .... they might tell u "see see? wear ledi boobs will bekam firm firm wan leh! u dont briff you touch and see!"

WHOAAA Yellow kaler I LIKE AH!!!

Jiejie in jeans .... I like your legs leh!!!! *wipe nose bleed*

Come help jiejie peel the sticker of my abs .... *shiok*

Jiejie bra really good!!! push upup!!! so sharp lidat!!! kena poke sure gone case wan!!! kakakaka!

Jiejie ... i very like the sticker on your boobs la ... can i peel and keep as souvinier anot pulez, pulez mighty pulez?

This jiejie so fierce wan ..... i sked sked~

Aiks! This one like aunty also can bekam model?! kakaka but this aunty got chun legs sial!

Nah whole group let u see la! slow slow see ok?

After seing the sample of what you could be getting edi ... do you still "shy" to bring your wife/gf(s) go bras/panties shopping?!!! Dun be a sohaiiii!!!! KAKAKAKAA!!!

p.s. : Mehnee tenkiu to my new p0rn pusher mister kktan from Austerhliah!


  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I always bring my gf to shop for bra n panty..while she's bz, I can 'cuci mata' Lol...XD

  2. oi rojak.too long didnt cuci mata your brain sudah rosak izzit?top there say yellow colour u like.then 2nd pic say ppl looks like aunty

  3. Anonymous4:50 pm

    which lingerie shop is tat??
    if its in aus den 2nite i straight fly there d XD

  4. all hail brada rojak.


  5. i like all wan except that wear boxer wan...

    may be is HE....

    he he he he he he he

  6. Anonymous12:22 am

    I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!


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