4 August 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Hottest Car This Season!

You heard about their intention to lower petrol price yet? Why got permatang pauh erection only lower it? if no permatang pauh erection then they all will act dumb izzit? actually whats the point of lowering it? the damages are done ... my wantan meen WONT cost 50 sen less just bcoz the petrol is cheaper now! Everything will still be as expensive as its now ... this is pointless! What you doing is not gonna undo the damages you bestowed upon us .... we lost hope in u edi ... SAU PEI LA!!!


  1. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Feel the powder of V6....!!!

    last time, i always blow 9 my old man buy V6, but he say no good....

    Now, he gonna regret it coz he din buy a V6

  2. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Aiyo..true also..now ah all thing already rise nia want lower price of petrol...gomen very good :) oni when got erection only lower price aiyoyo

  3. korek! korek! korek!

    then our gaumen will say, it looks like my perdana V6, it feels like my perdana V6 but im not sure whether "I need 2 pay for da petrol anot?"

  4. must change bek to wee-sick lor

  5. heyhey..this joke is damn funny..can i cut this and introduce to my friend???????if can't nvm..hehe


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