31 July 2008

Kuwakchai.com BETA

Do you belongs to any of this listed below?

  • [1] You alwaz dreaming about being a Kuwakchai but no balls to actually try it?
  • [2] Got too much free time in the opis and derno what to do with it?
  • [3] Too stress need a break?
  • [4] You dont have powerful computer to play those advance advance game?
  • [5] You dont have fast connection for online 3D graphical game?
  • [6] You playing in the office and kenot play games with sound?
  • [7] Feel like bash 9 someone up and dont wanna get jailed for it?
  • [8] Looking for a free game to play?
  • [9] Tired of playing games that are made for Angmohs/foreigners?
  • [10] Wanna play something local and you can relates to?

If you belongs to any of the above group of peeple .... then i got just the game for you!

Ladies and Genitalmen ... introducing .... Kuwakchai!!

Kuwakchai.com login page

Kuwakchai beta

You got what it takes to be a Kuwakchai? You got balls? Kam! Beta Players Wanted! Register at Kuwakchai.com!

Btw ... its still beta, so be prepare to expect some minor bugs here n there.


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Your link to the site got problem wor. Apparently extra space after the first dot.

  2. Anonymous12:38 am

    nah give u comment la.wakakaka..nice blog i am playing already this game..veli nice i tell u..u all no play this game damn bo tat..must play wokay?

  3. LOL. I only read the comic.

  4. Anonymous6:09 am

    quite cool also.
    my graphic card so "peh" and the streamyx so SLOOOOOOWWWWW...
    sei meh?
    so hard to play second life also dun get wat so hot about it...


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