21 July 2008

Oi I waiting for you upstairs! Why You TFK here??!!!

One sunny morning ... there is this wife/gf did something to stimulate his bf/hubby mia small brader, then the bf/hubby wakes up and walks out of the room. The wife/gf thot he go get domdom la ... so she waits patiently for him to return.

Mana tau wait har wait har ... that fler still notchet return so the wife/gf get out of the room to look for him la!

Skali the wife/gf found him doing something at the living room that makes her so tulan!!!! What izzit hes doing? kakakaka! You watch yourself and tell me la!

KAKAKAKAKAA!!! What da fark are you thinking la??!!!

Its only Monday ok? Stop dliming and go bek to work la!!! 4 more days to go NIAHMA!!! ARGGHHH!!!!


  1. eleh..... wingz......
    knoe this clip ledi........

    this clip very funny wan....

    wonder got approve anot in here?

  2. wtf out of all sudden he go pump the ball for wat? i really thot he tfk lolz.


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