2 July 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnesday - Ginny Star Shinny

Like usual ... Ahbengs n Ahpeks sekalian .... I present to you the Rules and Regulations of reading Cuci Mata Post!! Before you proceed you will agree that you will adhere to the belows rules and regulations.
  1. No hands under the desk/table
  2. No hands below waist level
  3. No goto toilet TFK after reading this post
  4. No Weak Heart ... if you got heart attack one pls ask your lokter for permission 1st.
  5. Do not take Viagra before viewing this post, Tongkat Ali also kenot! If take ledi dun proceed ... I sked later u lau bei huet!
  6. Others proceed under own risk.
  7. Dun let your boss catch you staring at lengluis with a boner! You kena fire dun kam find me!

Received lotsa requests asking me to post more piktures of one of the HAWT girl I met in Nuffnang Wild Live Party and guessed what? With help from YH and Ahlob i managed to get in touch with her and she agreed to be featured in this week Cuci Mata Wetnesday post!!! You guy must be farking lucky this week!

Her name is Ginny (Yea shes a blogger too! Where is her url? its somewhere in this post la! Lets play treasure hunt shall we? :P) and she has been cast in numerous Mags covers and TV commercials and modellings etc ... here is some "disclose-able" profile of Ginny ...

Name: Ginny
Location: Cheras
Occupation: Student/ Freelance model / Part time Zoo keeper
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Chinese
Weight: 44kg
Height: 5'4 (Without Heels)
Vital statistic: 32c - 24 - 34
Spoken Languages: English(fluent), Malay(fluent), Cantonese (average)
Written Languages: English, Malay

* Btw ... thos Ahbengs who want her tel no and msn contact can start bribing me now!!!

Remember this HAWT face/body/long legs? Yup shes one of the nuffies you guys been dreaming of! LOL

I know what you guys thinking now ... I also suddenly got this crave to go shwim orso! Izzit me or izzit today dem bloody hot ar?

GT Queen ... my dlim girl!!!

Jiejie!!! Can I sit beside lu??!! Can I? CAN I?!!! *wipe nose bleed*

So purpleeee!!!So deep!!!!! I can almost drown!!!

Phuiyo ... Angel jiejie u so leng la!

*almost outta tisu to wipe nose bleed edi*

Miss Hypertune Finalist .....

Ginny jiejie in Teens Mag

Oi! Kambek! Kambek!!! where u go ledi!!! Still working hours leh! Pinis ledi la! Stop Dliming and Go bek to work la! LOL!

MCH! Hafta buy more tisu n keep in opis this weekend ... keep bleeding lidis will die very fast wan! lol

btw ... if you wanna see more piktures of HAWT Ms. Ginny ... goto her Blog la!!! I go look for Bunny Jiejie first ... see she wanna be feature in Cuci Mata next week anot ok? Wish me luck wei!


  1. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Feature me lar, I am also hot and sexy.

  2. bunny jie jie good!! i know many ppl are interested in her hahhaha

  3. I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous4:58 pm

    suddently cheer up my life after cuci my eye here... :P

  5. haha, featured girl for cuci mata. lol

  6. Wah... now my eye clean dah. Damn syok!

  7. Anonymous6:35 pm

    18! o_O'

    Wei, fast fast feature Neo lah! He said he hot and sexy! Haha...

  8. Wah laueh!!!!My dustbin full of bloody tissue ( nose bled blood )!!! Wah u r so lucky! U got take pic with her!!!!Oh any more!!!

  9. dear..im not hypertune finalist la..

    i dont join pageants wan..too lazy..hahaha

    i just work for hypertune

  10. rojak bro!

    i got serious confession to make! I like Ginny jie jie ALOT!


    feel great after say it out! Cheer!

  11. Anonymous3:18 pm

    wingz kor kor why neber interbiew me wan? i no fren u already

  12. So long din comment on ur post, suddenly saw this comment moderation thingy makes me really LOL

    Really that serious meh?

  13. im laughin shit at your disclaimer.
    1. my name is anon belle
    2. MY BLOG SITE IS www.beechybelle.com PLEASE COME COME!
    3. wingz...u so white. i hate white. 4. i super song u HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    eh..i forgot what i wanna comment d.

  14. Anonymous11:32 am

    I'm also waiting for bunny jie jie... Please try your very best to feature her in your blog. haha.


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