28 July 2008

Argue? Vogue? Vague?

Was having tea with Ahbeng yesday nite and was toking kok about some english words .....

Ahbeng : Eh you know i had an arguement with my wife this morning
Me : About what?
Ahbeng : About english lor
Me : KAKAKA!! mch you also know english one ka ?
Ahbeng : Cilaka lu! u dun dog eye see ppl down ok?
Me : hahah solila solila! what u both fighting about la? tell me tell me.
Ahbeng : We argue about the word Vogue lor .... she got this magazine call Vogue and she told me its call Vok and i told her its suppose to be pronounced as Vo-kiu la! She told me if i derno dun pretend to be smart wor!
Me : Then then?
Ahbeng : Then i mai tell her how to spell Argue la! Same like vogue mah! just replace AR with VO only what? She die die also say its Vok instead of Vo-kiu ... she sommo say there is anoder word call Vague but pronounced as Vak instead of Vakiu!
Me : Lidat also u want fight with her?
Ahbeng : Abuden? I know i m right of coz I have to defend myself la!
Me : But but ... u r wrong wor ....
Ahbeng : WHAT??!!! MCH!!! you also say i m wrong??!!! u want die izzit?
Me: Calm down la! I m telling u the truth only!
Ahbeng : Diu u la! u my fwen! u suppose to side me one la!!! MCH!! I m right la! I dun care what u all say! VOGUE is pronounce as VOKIU!!!
Me : Ok lor ... if u say lidat then i award you with a new word lor!
Ahbeng : What new word?
Me : F A R G U E
Ahbeng : Wats that?
Me : According to your dictionary ... it should be pronounced as Far-kiu!!!

KAKAKAKAKA!!! SEE WHAT SEE?! GO BACK TO WORK LA!!! Its only monday ok? FARGUE LA!!!!!!


  1. ahhahahahahahhah!!! funnyyyy funnnyyy!! FARGUEEEEE

  2. fargue! hahahhahaah! nabeh! like tat also can think of ahahahh!


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