1 July 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Ahbengs Got IQ wan u know?

I suddenly got this crave of eating Turkish food .... you think the Turkish food in Turkey Embassy is nice anot ar? :P

Want lidis meh? This drama re-run so many time ledi wei! Got new drama anot?


  1. Anonymous12:38 pm

    ahahaha... brilliant. bloody brilliant. good job!


  2. Yeah... I demand for new drama lah. But P.Ramlee movie watch soo many times I still laugh, tak boring. Maybe director of Sodom2008 love P.Ramlee movie.

    His bontot kena several times 'tanpa rela'.... kakakaka... After one time enuff la, report polis la. Stupid. Maybe he also syok...! Hahahhaa....

  3. haha.again.another good review by blada lojak for current new drama / muvie.

    still awaiting for the yet-to-be-released drama of parliament shit trowing contest ep.2 - the return.lol

  4. Uncle Rojak!
    May I know what is 'blowater', please? if i translate it to mandarin, it is called as 'chui sui'. sorry ah... your blog is nice. my fren introduced this blog to me one.

  5. darn funny la u mr rojaks...
    i love ur posts man ahhahah!


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