23 July 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnessday - No.1 Song in Ahbengz Top Ten list this month!

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too! Got terribly foul language and its no good for hypocrites also! Its not for the Faint hearted neither! Pls do not proceed if you have a weak heart ok?

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

I know this post is super late ... in fact I almost kena call the post Cuci Mata Thursday but life is hard now so gotta put more time, energy and effort into my career or risk being fired and have to stay beneath the overhead bridge. So pulez pardon the delay ok?

Now who said Cuci mata post have to be only piktures? This week we got a spesel rekomendation from Rojaks Entertainment inc. This song has been on the No.1 position of Ahbeng's Top Ten List for the last 6 months and still no one is able to beat it yet!

If you never listen to this song yet then gerenti you kenot kolifai as Ahbeng! So if you are an Ahbengz wannabe then this is a good chance for you to better understand Ahbengz culture.

But if you are under 18 yrs old ... i sincerely hope you will ask your parent's permission before you proceed as I do not wanna be responsible as the one who thot you all this Ahbengz craps but for the rest of you who are alredi more corrupted than i am ... you will only proceed under own risk ok?

Those who are at work ... i strongly rekomen that you go home only open the video, times are bad and losing a job in time lidis is disasterous! So be a good boi/ger and dun open this in the opis ok?

ok heres the regular shit for those who wanna read Cuci MAta post :

Like usual ... Ahbengs n Ahpeks sekalian .... I present to you the Rules and Regulations of reading Cuci Mata Post!! Before you proceed you will agree that you will adhere to the belows rules and regulations.
  • 1. No hands under the desk/table
  • 2. No hands below waist level
  • 3. No goto toilet TFK after reading this post
  • 4. No Weak Heart ... if you got heart attack one pls ask your lokter for permission 1st.
  • 5. Do not take Viagra before viewing this post, Tongkat Ali also kenot! If take ledi dun proceed ... I sked later u lau bei huet!
  • 6. Others proceed under own risk.
  • 7. Dun let your boss catch you staring at lengluis with a boner! You kena fire dun kam find me!

Without further ahdooo .. ladies and genitalmen ... i presents to you the no.1 song in Ahbengz top ten chart!!

When you go karaoke dun sing lidis ok? if you kena tnagkap u dun tell them u learn from here wan! LOL!


  1. Swt..
    Can u be more pervertic ah Mr. Wing? I was expecting for some pics of hot gals rather than a song that teaches me what to do with a gal at nite.. Hahaha..


  2. Da worst cuci mata post over...All those girls not really pretty some even can c da meat berlipat-lipat.

    However, I must give credit to the song
    really can enter Ah Beng's billboard top hits


  4. walan yeah nice song! i like the 3 lines chorus erh... i hav a few this kind punya song. send to you one day. hehe.

  5. eh wingz i purposely uploaded the songs for you guys! haha.

    here is it for all the hamsap you! haha jkjk.

    1) http://www.mediafire.com/?ibd7dt8mmkm
    2) http://www.mediafire.com/?rvybz39wmwm

    p/s : dont say i hamsap k. enjoy the weekend guys!! :)

  6. Aiyo. A beautiful song made ugly wei. :(

    Ahbeng, you sing wan ar? :P


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