9 July 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Pheeweettt Frensters Lengluis!!

Got this from forwarded email, looks like some is too free/nice to go around frendster collecting piktures of Lengluis from Malaysia and compiling them up and send to everyone! But also thanks to him you guys got Cuci mata post to see today la! If not you all can bekam vegetarian today coz i farking sick like a dog liow! Enjoy la!

Like usual ... Ahbengs n Ahpeks sekalian .... I present to you the Rules and Regulations of reading Cuci Mata Post!! Before you proceed you will agree that you will adhere to the belows rules and regulations.
  • 1. No hands under the desk/table
  • 2. No hands below waist level
  • 3. No goto toilet TFK after reading this post
  • 4. No Weak Heart ... if you got heart attack one pls ask your lokter for permission 1st.
  • 5. Do not take Viagra before viewing this post, Tongkat Ali also kenot! If take ledi dun proceed ... I sked later u lau bei huet!
  • 6. Others proceed under own risk.
  • 7. Dun let your boss catch you staring at lengluis with a boner! You kena fire dun kam find me!

Now only I know malaysia got so many lengluis one! Last time ppl tell me our malaysia fehmes for the most lenglui per sq meter i dunch briff ... now i m a BRIFFVER!!!!

Are you a Briffver yet?


  1. Megahai,

    Michelle is from my uni one leh.

  2. Anonymous12:51 pm

    My eyes very clean already. tengkiu

  3. Oi! You sick like doggie still see post cuci mata wetnesday ar? You not scared later the heat from your fever campur the heat from mui mui then you get stroke meh?

  4. Anonymous6:53 pm


  5. Michelle & Suki!!!!! MY TYPE!!! LOL!!


  6. michelle =) me love kiwi. haha. sorry kiwi is her nick

  7. omg! friendster is not clean anymore :(

  8. Anonymous4:50 pm

    can u tell me where you get their pic ?
    i also wan don keep for your self only la.


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