16 July 2008

Fuel Price Debate - Who You Bet On?

Honestly I m unable to make it home on time to watch THE debate and fortunately ... something as big as this will definitely be available on YouTube. Thru PaulTan's blog i found this video of the debate.

Its only 9minutes+ which is almost 20% of the whole 60 minutes debate. Just in this 10 minutes clip you can see that its obvious enuff who is making sense and who is not ...

I dont think by saying "bahawa, bahawa and bahawa" (mark 7:11 - 7:20) OR "Pada waktu itu, pada waktu itu, pada waktu itu" (mark 8:52 - 9:47) repeatedly over and over again will make you look any smarter nor will help you make any sense la! You are like babbling la ...

Preaching about what happened in Arab in 1974 (mark 7:42-8:20) and elaborating this issue also wont help either, we dont wanna know why or how Petronas is made! we wanna know how da fark you going to solve our shit and gives us better life la! WTF you merepek la?! diu!

Ppl ask you to debate about fuel price .. you goan dig your opponent mia history and tell us for wat? that one we alredi know ok? tell us something we dunno wan la! Like do you pay for petrol or u get it free wan? diu!

Here is part 2 mia video :

Please pay attention at nark 1:48-1:52 ... beri terus kepada rakyat LMAO!!! YEA RITE!

Part 3 :

In part 3 mia video ... ppl asked him wtf hes gonna do with the 13bils saved since the last 4.3bils saved also burnt just lidat oni ... he goan tok labish till venezuela for what fark? kakakaka u think this guy is high or what ar?

Part 4,5 & 6 :

Quote of the day : Pada waktu itu, pada waktu itu, pada waktu itu. MCH!! i dun wanna know pada waktu itu ok? I wanna know about waktu ini apa lu mau buat!!!


  1. Anonymous11:00 am

    I Sokong PETRONAS, yg i kutuk adalah Kerajaan BN. Ahli2 Parlimen mereka tak paham paham lagi ke? NOw that my perfect quote from yesterday debate.

  2. I also don't know what that fellow is bala bala about! Got foam on his mouth! Pity u miss the show. Have a nice day!

  3. What is the thick lipped butt face talking about la? Anwar no diu him he diu Anwar first. Dangg..


  4. Anonymous3:46 pm

    rojak! why u banned me from your chatter box?

  5. we're in 2008 la, why the fuck he keeps talking about 1974? mch


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