3 July 2008

Lengmou Thursday

Lengmou Thursday might be a permanent post category in Rojaks, basically Lengmou post is all about the latest happening shits in town/country.
Anyway flipping thru the niuspepah I found a few interesting stuffs innit.

When every-farking-body is busy increasing plice this chikin lice seller in yeepoh (Mister Lee Hon Guoon) is reducing his chikin lice from RM2.50 to RM2.00 a plate! But theres a catch you see ... the RM2.00 a plate oni available from 4pm onwards till he ran outta chikin or lice .. whichever kam first.

Dun say RM2.00 la! I'll be happy to pay RM2.50 for a plate on chikin lice in KL anytime!!! In fact I will pay him one month in advance and I will go there eat chikin lice every farking day!

Mister Lee Hon Guoon, I salute sama lu la! Not oni u got balls but u got HEART too!


Thinking what to eat today? Well you could go for thi new dish .....

Apparently there is a new kinda food created in putrajaya, its called Roti Pak Lah. Whats innit? According to this Blog's Author ... the dish has everything innit except eggs (Telurs)!
Click on the above image to enlarge it la!

Linpeh (m regular Porn Pusher) told me just now that there is a new prank in town involving making polis repot one! This is what he told me ....

Linpeh : Yesday my frend call me from polis station
Me : Har? What happened?
Linpeh : He told me he making polis repot against his boss ....
Me : HAR??! for what?
Linpeh : He told the polis .... his boss KaikanED him 8 times!!!
Linpeh : Yalar that fucker gila one! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

Looks like the latest trend is to make polis repot against your boss for Liwat case!

Just befoh i wanna click the post button ... one lenglui kam n ask me an IQ question .. she said :

Jess : What animal kok (knock) 2 times will die one?
Me : I derno ... what animal kok 2 times will die one ar?
Jess : Aiyah! so easy alo dunno! Its buaya la!
Me : Why Buaya?
Jess : Engrish call buaya what one?
Me : Crocodile lor!
Jess : yalor! Kok-kok-die mah!
Me : LOL! mehhh... lidat alo can!

Ok .. boh liow! Lunch time almost over and i notchet eat also! Diu! GO bek to work la! See what see?! LOL!



  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    i'm reading this book 'how would you move mount fuji' which is about interview questions which the world's top companies ask. Questions like 'why is a manhole cover round', 'how would you weigh a jet plane','how many piano tuners are there in america' were made popular by the likes of companies like Microsoft who were looking for analytical and logical ppl.

    Your kok-kok-die IQ question confirm these big boys oso cannot answer lah!


  2. lol. damn leng lorh ur last joke. Kok-kok-dile. bei nei zha dou zheng. -_-"

  3. Which part of Ipoh is this chiken lice seller ar? I oso wanna go 'pong chan' ledi!

  4. excuse me uncle wingz..wtf does that "lengmou" means in ur blog??

    y do u keep lengmou-ing ??????

    i was reading n reading a few posts already n found out that u keep saying "lengmou" which i don fuckin understand? hahahaha!!

    PLEASE do your keyboard a favour and leave me back a comments ok? LMAO! =D


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