29 July 2008

Its Tiusday! Singkapohlians go Thailand do wat?

Disclaimer : I Lafu Singkapoh-lians! I think thats where all the Ahlians originated from. If you think i hate Singkapohlians then dun continue! Others continue under your own risk!

Other Warnings :
  • [1] DONT turn your speaker loud loud!
  • [2] DONT goan luff at Singkapoh-lians after u read/listen to this post
  • [3] DONT luff loud loud alone in opis in front of the monitor looking like a loonatik! Your bosses/coleagues will not know why you luffing lidat wan! Later u kena fired for misconduct/unaccepted behaviour, u dun kam find me!
  • [4] You can let your hand go under the table/desk ...whether your hand is under the table anot you are still a pervert!
  • [5] DONT attempt to eat/drink anything while reading/listening to this post, you might choke n die! If you do ... dont kam find me too! Not unless ... u wanna gimme 4D numbers to buy la!
  • [6] If you dunt understand the Thailand Engrish even after you replay the audio clip 345,687 times ledi dunch email me! I find eat also no time! where got time to fark you?!
  • [7] Requests for the audio clip can be made via email to me, each request will cost you RM389 ....... Hey! its still cheaper than the Proton Perdana V6 maintenance charges ok?!

Years after years Thailand is the preferred destination of Singkapohlians as compared to Malaysia .... and today we gonna find out why.

Singkapoh-lians is very fehmes in Thailand, and there are abundan of them! Got rumors saying if one sign board fall down in parkpong and hit 10 ppl ... 9 of them is Singkapoh-lians!! LOL!

Singakpoh-lians lafu Thailand so much ... so much so they bought their biggest telecommunication company so that those Singkap0h-lians in Thailand can make cheap calls to Singkapoh! .. Hows that?!

Anyway ... there are so much Singkapoh-lians in Thailand till the Thailand Airport have a special announcements section specially created for the arrival of Singapoh-lians one!

The spesel announcement for Singkapoh-lians is so simple yet clearly describing all kinda activities they can do in Thailand and where to go to gedit! No wonder Singkapoh-lians like to go to Thailand la!!!

U dun briff? Me neither .... till i listened to this Audio clip below!!!

KAKAKAKAA!!! Now you briff me ledi anot?!!! Mehnee tenkiu to my Toudai Lisan for sending me this farkingly funny audio clip!!!

*dun be a dumbass ok? i know the above clip is not real one la diu! WTF you expect la? its only Tiusday ok? 3 more days to go!!! ARGHHHH!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Yeah... The clip proved it all. haha~~ Now i know Why Sing Love Thai so much.. :)

  2. hahahaha if you like ah kua pls turn left..damn funny

  3. Anonymous8:09 pm

    wakakakka...dem funny

    i all 3 oso wan go ken arh??

  4. bro can send to me ka the clip i wanna use as ring tone bo...
    can ka

  5. why i can't listen to the sound record wan????


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