16 July 2008

Who Won The Debate? Heres the Obvious Answer!!!

Who won? Actually who I am to judge la? I m not latuk or Tan Suli ... I m just a commoner who "watched" the debate (not live one ok? i watched thru yout ube also) and since we all is also commoner so why dont you be the judge yourself?

Here is 2 piktures i took from the debate ... u see it and judge for yourself ...

Niahma! this old man still can camwhore sommo!! He camwhore with the fehmes "Victory" sign sial! LOL


Your verdict? Who won la?


  1. ANWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..see the victory sign..summore among all he paling handsome and hor..
    lets say he's really gay.
    they said gay very revengeful wan..
    im sure he'l revenge 99.
    they revenge 99 we syiok syiok la no?
    the economic is falling like shit anyway. if got movie along. atleast thats a consolation prize

  2. Anonymous2:15 pm

    The Shabery Cheek talk cock maximum. With no figures, no statistics nor any proper precedence I duno WTF he's doing there. Saying things any Msian citizen can say. You call that a minister?! Balik kampong tido la.

    N i thought he's some brilliant dude from UMNO. Rupa2nya another beruk yg nak jadi hero.

    No to mention, I think he's cheek has some serious misalignment.

  3. wakakakakakakka.u even manage to find those pose.wut the fff la.hahahaha.

    oh,n my answer is ofkoz the old 'peace victory sign' guy.heh.

  4. Anonymous11:46 am

    AiYAH! After watching both of them shot/hentam left and right. I already pening lalat already. Tak Tahan-lah!

    Thingz still suck for the rakyat!

    V2:oklah that catchy but 1st kena lulus ujian/test pilinanraya from us and tak kena jel lagi.

    Final Verdict
    Anwar 4/5 teh tarik-kena bagi xtra time lagi explain to help rakyat.
    strawberry 3.5/ teh tarik-too much foam at mouth.

  5. Anwar Win...Strawberry cheek KO...HEHE

  6. Anonymous2:42 am

    Shave Cheek kena put on table by big bro. Know lose liao, to save face of cos put 1 'tai sei kwai' (kambing korban) to slaughter.

  7. sure la anwar won kekekeke


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