30 July 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Pheeweettt Frensters Lengluis!! Part 2

Got this from forwarded email, looks like some is too free/nice to go around frendster collecting piktures of Lengluis from Malaysia and compiling them up and send to everyone! But also thanks to him you guys got Cuci mata post to see today la!

Like usual ... Ahbengs n Ahpeks sekalian .... I present to you the Rules and Regulations of reading Cuci Mata Post!! Before you proceed you will agree that you will adhere to the belows rules and regulations.
  • 1. No hands under the desk/table
  • 2. No hands below waist level
  • 3. No goto toilet TFK after reading this post
  • 4. No Weak Heart ... if you got heart attack one pls ask your lokter for permission 1st.
  • 5. Do not take Viagra before viewing this post, Tongkat Ali also kenot! If take ledi dun proceed ... I sked later u lau bei huet!
  • 6. Others proceed under own risk.
  • 7. Dun let your boss catch you staring at lengluis with a boner! You kena fire dun kam find me!

I lafu Race Queen wan!!

Phuiyo ampang mali! Looks at her lips!!! I wonder how they taste like!!! .... How come i never met here in ampang wan?!!! WHY!!!

Angel Wing? we matching leh!!

This one no nid taste ... look at her alredi sweet enuff!

Ipoh mali!!! 23 yrs old but looks like 16!!! fresh flesh!!!

Phuiyoo .. her eyes .... look long long can get orgasm one!

Another ipoh mali mia chiu kap mou tik leng lui .... if i ever gonna move my ass outta KL ... ipoh is definitely the place to be at!

Another contestant from ipoh mali! See see? ipoh is a place where they manufacture lengluis one!

This is the only one from alor setar!

This tiffi is from penang, like anime character so cute can die wei!!! maybe shes a doll and you can bring her home and play change clothes like barbie! LOL!

Thats wrapped up our cuci mata session for today, tune in for more frendster lenglui next week! (yea i got more of this kinda pics in my inbox ... just gotta search for it tho! )


  1. Why so many underaged wan?

  2. wow.. all in your frens list?

  3. I oso Ipoh mali wat, but how come I not chiu kap mou tik leng lui?

  4. Farguee lar..

    wingz turn to be paedo?

  5. Diuu... All small boobs only, nothing to zhar also!!

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    fargue wingz!!!!!!

    dont show so many jail baits!!!

  7. They are nothing without makeup...
    and they kinda snap only at the certain angle...

    dun get cheated!!!!

  8. Anonymous5:49 pm

    The one called Candy is sweet... *shy*

  9. Sick AH Coo! And now running with bloody nose. Thank you WINGZ!

  10. Anonymous4:27 am

    uncle wingz, which one is your daughter? intro wei!

  11. pervs.... !!!

    when did rojaks become a porn site?

    now u resorting to dating services ah

  12. lookin into a 16 year old girl's eyes can get orgasm?

    isn't that somewhat inappropriate?

  13. Mostly siaw mei meis ?? 0_0"

  14. walaoerh... where you get all these larh? so free go search merh?hahaha.


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