18 August 2008

Oreo is teh PWN!!!

Oreo is my fehbret food!!!

Ok, I admit!! Oreo memang not my fehbret food, but still I dem like it…
Why?? Becoz Oreo is different!
I still remember when I was very small that time, all I have is powdered milk and biskut gandum oni.

The most is oso those tin biskut… But nowaday, I see TV, they show this chocklat biskut with vanilla cream in the middle! Dem spesel sial ….during my time, I neber see biskut lidis befoh and its veli cool.

After I bought my very own oreo, I start to think how to eat it… Its like ur first time, u dunno wat to do with it, got so many ways lar, coz TV oso got show the dunk milk way

What you mean you can oni eat it strait or dunk in milk??
U dun briff me isit?? Wokeh, I show you how powder oreo ken be…

U ken eat strait…

Or dunk inside milk…

Whenever I wan eat oreo, I always separate the cream and the biskut, then I oni eat the biskut… Rub it all over ur teeth and smile!!! Now u bekam mr. darlie, oni ur teeth is black!!

Then, my sister tell me no good. She say got anoder way better… she told me to scrape away all the krim, eat the krim and throw away the chocklat biskut…!!! Powder anot??

My mader see us so binthai, so she goan teach us a new method. She took four oreo biskut stack the krim together and kepit it with the oreo biskut, now u get a 4 storey high of cream !!!

Then all my nieces start to bising bising, so we go put aiskrim in between the oreo biskut so the small kiddos will like it now… But now easier coz Oreo oso got make aiskrim biskut…

Aiskrim version mia oreo…

Later on, we start seeing new McD commercials, they now have mcflurry with oreo!!!

But now, I always will do my fehbret past time every Sunday with my lil devil. We goan buy lotsa milk and lotsa lotsa Oreo. Then, we race see who ken lick-dunk-n-eat the most oreo…!!!

I thot I noe everything about oreo alredi, but not until recently when I was browsing the internet. Do you all noe that Oreo ken be made into ur dinner?? Dun briff?? Now Dominos got make oreo pizza for dessert…!!! See for yourself…

Oreo Pizza, anyone??

There are so many things people ken do wif Oreo biskut, especially with ur frens and families and ur girlfren and boyfren and mader and fader, cousins and brothers and sisters…
Niahma! Now I suddenly got this crave for Oreo …. You still got stock to spare?


  1. Anonymous11:17 pm

    choc chip based pizza is already available in aus for a very long time. Little Caesars pizza restaurant selling such pizza, named Eskimo Joe.

  2. Anonymous12:43 am

    lol..so kau wek le pizza oreo..serious ah got this thing..xD

  3. Oreo oso can make cheesecake..... be it baked or chilled......mmmmm, yummy.....

  4. Oreo McFlurry is my favourite.

  5. I SUPER LOVE OREO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Favorite snack !!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

    I love double stuf oreo!!! Nice !!!!
    and the oreo pizza...is just....


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