19 December 2008

Ideal Xmas Gift - LG KP500 Cookie Touch Screen Phone

Attensyen Everibardee!!

If you are any of the following, then this is for you.
  1. You wanna pretend u high crass ledi by telling ppl u own a hi-tech gadget
  2. You are a true tech junkie like me! LOL
  3. You like trendy and affordable new gadgets
  4. You hate typing on keypads
  5. You want a phone that can match iPhone but only cost a fraction of the plice?

Then I got just the answer for you …. INTRODUCING LG’s latest LG KP500 Cookie !!!

KP500 Cookie is LG’s latest model of touch phones / pda.

Why LG?? Coz this is dem AFFORDABLE!!

The official plice is at RM899. U tell me where to find chip touch phones lidis??
So now, all the poor fart like me no need worry liow about being outdated. Becoz you ken pretend crassy now with oni RM899.

Considering the market plice of a normal touch screen phone (Sony Ericson, Nokia) that easily cost more than RM 1000, LG is leading the pack in the AFFORDABLE category.

And a lot of peeple actuary worry that KP 500’s specs is not powder enuff because of the plice. But, KP 500 is exactly like the other touch screen / pda phones. It provides all the functions such as camera(3.0 MP), video player/recorder(MPG4, MP3, WMA), Bluetooth, and it can stores external memory of up to 8Gb.

The feature I like the most about LG KP500 is the touch skrin function and the widgets. With the touch screen, you can now quit typing with the keypads and start touching the letters on the screen.

And KP 500 also provides widgets and fast user interface. So, you ken access all the functions in simple quick clicks on the main screen.

Also ader than the big big touch screen, this KP500 also comes with motion sensor! The screen will pusing when u pusing the handphone mia!

Faster go buy and showoff to your fwens la!!

Slim and light at 87 gram. Ahlians no need worry of heavy phones liow!!

I no bruff you wan! At an affordable plice of RM 899 oni !! Mana mau cari?

So, if you is still wondering what kinda Xmas plesen to get for your love one …. This might be IT!!! LG KP500 Cookies Touch Screen Phone! Xmas Cookies no included ok?


  1. haiyo i juz bought a new LG fon few months ago now they come out with a better one....deng...

    i bough the LGKS360 with the qwerty keypad.for rm700 dats pretty gud but it's dam fan ying chi dun one...

    mehlee sing dan jit 2 u wingz ![im thinkin of sending my 10year old bro 2 ur traning skool.hahaha]

  2. No 3G or WLAN :(


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